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Guest Interview with The ‘Angry Video Game Nerd’!

A few years back, we had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing the ‘Angry Video Game Nerd’ we now share that and welcome fans to meet James in person during Retro Con!

A link to CineMassacre and a few video favorites!

Warning: Adult Language In These Videos!

Now on with that interview!

Screamers: Had you a Favorite Arcade Game?

Angry Video Game Nerd: “Turtles in Time” if I have to name one, but I could be forgetting others.

Screamers: Have you ever considered doing a blog on the classic arcade games of the eighties, such as Pac-Man and so forth?

Angry Video Game Nerd: I’ve thought about doing a video at an actual arcade, but nothings come of it yet.

Screamers: With so many video games and systems through out your collection,do you own any retro arcade games?

Angry Video Game Nerd: I don’t actually, but I’ve thought a lot about getting one. It’d be hard to decide on just one to get and I don’t have much room to get many. Maybe a Neo Geo cabinet, because they store multiple games.

Screamers: Your Favorite Atari Game and why?

Angry Video Game Nerd: That’s hard to pick, but one that comes to mind is “Worm War I” because it has lots of explosions. Try playing it in the dark, the room will flash different colors.

Screamers: Your Favorite NES Game and why?

Angry Video Game Nerd: Super Contra because it’s a perfect example of a great action game.

Screamers: Your Favorite Sega Game and why?

Angry Video Game Nerd: If its Sega Genesis, then probably “Sonic the Hedgehog 2.” I love the music and the level designs.

Screamers: Now that I’ve picked on the games a bit, do you have a favorite game system?

Angry Video Game Nerd: Super Nintendo. It was the first time I remember a new console coming out and being excited for the launch date. It surpassed all expectations.

Screamers: Since you play the retro games so much, what are your thoughts on the latest games and systems, have you thought of doing any blogs on those or do you just plan to keep it retro?

Angry Video Game Nerd: Its fair to say that maybe once a year I get a chance to play a newer game and do a short video about it. In general the Nerd character only does older games though.

Screamers: On your gaming reviews, do you have a favorite episode?

Angry Video Game Nerd: “R.O.B the Robot” for its narrative and “Dick Tracy” for its analysis of the game.

Screamers: I know you’ve done movie reviews, do you have a favorite?

Angry Video Game Nerd: That’s hard to say, not able to pick one, but the first part of my Star Wars review wasn’t bad. The Death Stalker review I did was kind of funny,too. Probably my favorite of the movie related projects is “Follow that Marshmallow: Ghostbusters Tour”

Tony having followed The Angry Video Game Nerd’s blogs since 2006, had some questions as well!

Tony: You are currently in pre-production on the AVGN movie, which will revolve around your review of the infamous E.T. game for Atari 2600. Specifics are probably under wraps, but can you tell us what type of movie it will be? Road trip movie? Suspense thriller? Tear-jerkinglove story?

Angry Video Game Nerd: It is kind of a mesh of different genres, but road trip adventure is definitely applicable.

Tony: Have you ever been contacted by any of the makers of the games you’ve reviewed, either to chastise you OR to commend you?

Angry Video Game Nerd: Rarely, but one that comes to mind is a person who worked on the Atari Jaguar version of “Doom.” They explained that the reason there was no music in this version was because of a contractual obligation to pay the original composer every time his music was used in a new version of the game. Their boss decided to leave the game silent instead. They admit this is a shitty reason.

Tony: Are there any games that most people consider bad that you actually think are decent?

Angry Video Game Nerd: One of my favorites growing up was Super Mario Bros 2 (the version we got in America). People are hard on it because it’s a redesign of a Japanese game called “Doki Doki Panic” and is not the “real” Mario 2, but its still a great game.

Tony: What video game are you most proud of beating without any sort of cheat code or stage select?

Angry Video Game Nerd: Maybe Contra, all my friends used the code and still couldn’t beat it.

Tony: Has doing so much research on old and obscure video games and systems given you an appreciation for them, or are you just grateful you were born much much later?

Angry Video Game Nerd: I was around for most of the early stuff. I played Atari all the time until Nintendo hit big. Most of the research I do is to find out the back story of the games and the history behind them. A lot of the games I play now were too obscure to actually find back then. The invention of the internet has helped with that. Back then if it wasn’t in Nintendo Power or Game Pro we didn’t know about it.

Tony: What does your cat Boo think of his cameos in various AVGN episodes? Does he tend to bolt when you get the camera out?

Angry Video Game Nerd: He thinks he’s a stud. The other cat is probably more camera shy.

Tony: What action figure lines or toys were your favorites growing up, and do you still have any of them? Do you collect any current lines?

Angry Video Game Nerd: As a kid I collected Transformers, Inhumanoids, Ninja Turtles and Real Ghostbusters. Most of my toys are lost, except for some of the Inhumanoids because they are gigantic. I also still have most of my Ninja Turtles and all the vehicles that go with them. As for current lines, I don’t really have much.

Tony: What’s the oddest piece of video game memorabilia that you own?

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Odyssey is definitely a piece of gaming history. I have all the overlays, chips and various pieces that go with it. I also have the original store ad for the Atari E.T. which hauntingly stares at me every day.

Tony: Are there any particular movie filming locations you haven’t seen yet that you’d like to visit someday?

Angry Video Game Nerd: Maybe the Texas Chainsaw Massacre House which is apparently now a Family Dining establishment.

Tony: You’re obviously a big fan of the Back to the Future movies. What do you think of the idea of it being remade?

Angry Video Game Nerd: If it was an actual remake of Back to the Future it would be unnecessary and probably piss a lot of people off, but I’m open to the idea of more time traveling comedies.

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  1. February 18, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    Good article. I hope I can make it to this Con. I’m in L.A. now, could be in TN by September, but it could be a fun roadtrip.

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