Costume Contest

 photo RetroContest2resize.jpg

We will be hosting TWO costume contests at Retro Con 2015!

SATURDAY: Junior & Adult Costumers 14 and over!

SUNDAY: Kid Costumers 13 and under!


Both contests will be held in the panel area at the show (times to be announced). Individuals and small groups are eligible to participate. Preregistering for the contest is not necessary, just be around the panel area at the announced time if you would like to be included.

We do a combination of staff judging and crowd reaction to determine our three winners. While craftsmanship will be definitely be taken into account, we will mostly judge costumes on their theme and overall effect. While some costumers are well-versed in advanced sewing and molding techniques, others show their ingenuity through creative glueing, hand sewing, and working with found items. We recognize costuming/cosplay as a hobby for people of all skill sets and budgets!

_ _ _

Costumers will have a chance at winning three cash prizes:

Junior & Adult Costumers 14 and over

FIRST place: $100.00

SECOND place: $75.00

THIRD place: $50.00

_ _ _

Kid Costumers 13 and under

FIRST place: $75

SECOND place: $50

THIRD place: $25

_ _ _

The Skelly Awards!

 photo Skelly2015small.jpg

In addition to the cash prizes, winners of the costume contest will receive these specially painted Skelly awards: 1st place gold, 2nd place silver, and 3rd place bronze! The mini Skellies will go to the winners of the Kids costume contest.

_ _ _

Some of the fantastic costumes from previous Retro Cons!


 photo 1268777_271068236351584_1968137428_o.jpg

 photo 10570278_10152449564944022_8261826543608407551_n.jpg

 photo 20121111_145937_ABA_5522.jpg

 photo 10690003_10152850444720561_1440786885363357501_n.jpg

 photo 10668858_702423193185423_1248985445037166568_o.jpg

 photo 20121111_124728_ABA_5375.jpg

 photo 20121111_145111_ABA_5475.jpg

 photo 1276816_505273406233737_707934524_o.jpg

 photo LinkSW.jpg
 photo 14494_10151684266764022_1808383123_n.jpg

_ _ _


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