Raffle Prizes


Retro Con Door Prizes For 2015!

_ _ _


Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave

 photo MPSWfront.jpg

 photo MPSWback_zpstowhnud4.jpg

_ _ _


Matty Collector Back to the Future Hover Board

 photo HoverboardSmall1.jpg

 photo HoverboardSmall2.jpg_ _ _

Ghostsbusters PKE Meter by Matty Collector

 photo GBPKE1.jpg

 photo GBPKE3.jpg

_ _ _

20″ yarn/plastic canvas Soundwave figure

 photo IMG_1108.jpg
_ _ _

MOTU Classics Hover Robots set

 photo Hoverbots.jpg

(Donated by Kevin Jones and SEO Toy Review)

_ _ _

Star Wars 6″ scale Black Series figure lot

 photo IMG_0031b.jpg

(Star Wars figures donated by Nick Govosdian)

_ _ _

NECA 1/4 scale Iron Man Mark VII figure

 photo NECAironman2.jpg

(Iron Man figure donated by Megastar Toys)

_ _ _

Kreo GI Joe Terrordrome set

 photo KreoTerrordrome_zpsapqepgkw.jpg

_ _ _

TMNT reissue figure set with Party Wagon

 photo IMG_9519.jpg

(TMNT set donated by Nick Govosdian)

_ _ _

Battlestar Galactica & Twilight Zone Bobbleheads

 photo Bobbleheads1.jpg

(Bobblehead set donated by Thomas D’Orsi Art & Collectibles)

_ _ _

The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Star Wars Collectibles Book

 photo SWguide0.jpg
(donated by author Mark Bellomo)
_ _ _

Playmates Enterprise toy, signed by William Shatner

 photo EnterpriseSigned.jpg

 photo ACboardwalkEnterprise.jpg

(donated by Nick Govosdian, won at AC Boardwalk Con 2015)

_ _ _

**Some boxed items have been opened to inspect contents!**

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