Raffle Prizes

Retro Con Door Prizes For 2014

Diamond Select Flux Capacitor

 photo IMG_2437.jpg

 photo IMG_23812.jpg

 photo IMG_2422.jpg
_ _ _

Pac-man throw fleece blanket

 photo IMG_2453.jpg

_ _ _

Custom Alien PEZ dispenser

(created and donated by Digital Realm Models & Toys )

 photo AlienPEZ2.jpg

_ _ _

Matty Collector Ghostbusters PKE meter

 photo IMG_2633.jpg

_ _ _

Boxed Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

 photo IMG_6918.jpg

_ _ _

GI Joe Cobra Troopers lot

(donated by Nick Govosdian)

 photo CobraTroops.jpg

_ _ _

Voltron USB Flash Drive

 photo VoltronFlashDrive.jpg

_ _ _

Matty Collector 12″ scale Venkman and Zeddemore figures MIB

(donated by Pikachu the Elder)

 photo MattyVenkmanZeddemore.jpg

_ _ _

Star Trek 1997 Kirk & Picard 12″ figures w/ book

(donated by Charles Piner)

 photo STfigures.jpg

_ _ _

Lego Ghostbusters 30th anniversary Ecto-1 set

 photo IMG_6968.jpg
_ _ _

Transformers Generations Metroplex

 photo IMG_3074.jpg

 photo IMG_3062.jpg

_ _ _

20″ tall custom Optimus Prime figure,  made of yarn woven into plastic canvas

 photo IMG_3147c.jpg

 photo IMG_3265.jpg

_ _ _

Joe Con 2013 Night Force box set

 photo IMG_3187.jpg


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