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Meet the Voice of Cheetara, Lynne Lipton, at Retro Con 2022!

Lynne Comp 2r

We’ve been chasing this particular guest since even before our very first show in 2012! Rather appropriate given her primary character…

But we’re excited to announce that at long last, actor Lynne Lipton will be joining us for Retro Con 2022!

Lynne is best known for voicing the bo-staff wielding speedster Cheetara on the classic 80’s animated series ThunderCats! A favorite since episode one, the character has since transcended the ThunderCats cartoon and toy line and gone on to become a pop culture icon (and a “cartoon crush” for many).

An actor of great versatility, Lynne actually voiced ALL the female characters on the first season of the ThunderCats show! These include the likes of the mischievous WilyKit, as well as Mumm-Rana, Queen Tatara, Ro-Bear Belle, Luna, and the popular recurring character Mandora the Evil Chaser!

Lynne joins the voice of Lion-O himself (Larry Kenney) at Retro Con 2022, September 24th & 25th in Oaks, Pennsylvania! ThunderCats are on the move!

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