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Mark Watts Gallery at Retro Con 2023

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We’re pleased to announce the return of artist Mark Watts for Retro Con 2023!

Mark is the man responsible for the brilliant artwork used on the boxes of the original G1 Transformers toy line! He created over 45 commissioned paintings for Hasbro between the mid 80’s and early 90’s, most used directly on the packaging of the product. His dynamic art style set the trend that other artists would emulate for other characters in the line.

Some of the iconic characters he illustrated include Shockwave, Jetfire, the Constructicons, Devastator, Predaking, Menasor, the original Minibots, and dozens more! He also did several paintings used for Transformers mail-away offers, such as Reflector, the “Time Warrior” Autobot watch, and the Omnibots. He’s also produced art for other toys such as Tyco’s Crash Test Dummies, and Matchbox’s “Cargantua” robotic car carrier!

Check out Mark’s booth in the guest section where he’ll be displaying his artwork and offering prints for sale! He had a great time meeting attendees in past years. He loved hearing stories of how fans would cut his artwork out of the toy packaging as kids and tape it to their walls as room decoration!

Check out Mark’s website: markwattsstudios.com

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