Convention Features


Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find at Retro Con!

_ _ _

Over 215 Tables of Retro Fun!









Hall C has 54,000 square feet of floor space, and we’re filling it with collectible toys for sale, video games, artwork, and much much more!

_ _ _



As always, Retro Con will have an eclectic mix of guests, all with a connection to the past! Check out our current guest list HERE!

 _ _ _

Raffle Prizes!

RC Ark1

Everyone that buys a ticket into the show will have a chance to win one of our retro-related door prizes! We’ll have two sessions each day. You can view our current list of raffle prizes HERE!

_ _ _

Video Games!

RC Arcade 2021 1e

_ _ _


Trivia Contest hosted by The Breaux Show!

Trivia Contest 2b

Test your knowledge of all things geeky and win FREE stuff at our annual trivia contest hosted by The Breaux Show!

_ _ _

Costume Contests!






Like in previous years, costumers of all ages will have a chance at winning cash prizes! Full details can be found HERE!

_ _ _

Retro T-shirt Contest!

Break out your Saturday best for a chance to win outstanding prizes in Retro Con’s Totally Tubular T-shirt Contest! Read more HERE!

RC tshirt test 4l

_ _ _

Step back in time the DeLorean Time Machine!




(DeLorean supplied by Tom & Amy Silknitter)

_ _ _

Bill & Ted’s Phone Booth Time Machine!


Take a picture in or next to our most triumphant Bill & Ted phone booth!

_ _ _

Jurassic Adventures

Made from a Jeep Wrangler, this replica has been accurately customized and augmented to resemble the staff vehicles used in the original Jurassic Park movie. Look for it in the car section on the show floor, where the owners will have a themed backdrop and “jungle” set.

JP Jeep brought to the show by Frank Bedo and Monica Tulay! Monica plans to bring some of her fantastic retro-themed costumes to the show!

_ _ _

1966 Batmobile Replica

(Appearing Saturday Only)

RC Bat Signal Square 5e

Based on the classic 1966 Batman series starring Adam West and Burt Ward, this replica has all the interior and exterior bells and whistles. Bat Phone included!

(Batmobile brought to Retro Con by Tom Pollutri!)

_ _ _

James Bond Lotus Esprit

RC Lotus 2g

A replica of the classic Lotus Esprit, as seen in the classic 1977 James Bond movie ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’! No promises yet, but are trying to rig up a “Wet Nellie” mode for the show, representing one of the coolest scenes in James Bond history, where the Esprit drives off a pier and dramatically transforms into a submarine!

(Lotus Esprit brought to Retro Con by Monica Tulay and Frank Bedo!)

**Features are subject to cancellation**

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