Convention Features

 photo Retrocontent1.jpg

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find at Retro Con!

_ _ _

Over 200 Tables of Retro Fun!

 photo RCvendors1_zpst742mjtr.jpg

 photo AlanToys1.jpg

 photo 65090_10152850608260561_284973545952654167_n_zps1ri7yajm.jpg

 photo IMG_0696.jpg

Hall C has 54,000 square feet of floor space, and we’re filling it with collectible toys for sale, video games, artwork, and much much more!

_ _ _


 photo RobComp9.jpg

 photo RCarthurcomp8_zpsrx0ukmol.jpg

As always, Retro Con will have an eclectic mix of guests, all with a connection to the past! Check out our current guest list HERE!

 _ _ _

Raffle Prizes!

 photo LegoSlave1a.jpg

 photo MiniNES1.jpg

Everyone that buys a ticket into the show will have a chance to win one of our retro-related door prizes! We’ll have two sessions each day. You can view our current list of raffle prizes HERE!

_ _ _

Video Games!

_ _ _


Trivia Contest hosted by The Breaux Show!

Test your knowledge of all things geeky and win FREE stuff at our annual trivia contest hosted by The Breaux Show!

_ _ _

Costume Contests!

 photo CrocMChrisWetherell.jpg

 photo Arceejackowicktoys.jpg

 photo SheraSkel.jpg

 photo RetroBotChrisWetherell.jpg

 photo GridWarSkellyChrisWetherell.jpg

 photo Indy3chrisscheetz.jpg

Like last year, costumers of all ages will have a chance at winning cash prizes! Full details can be found HERE!

_ _ _

Join the 501st Garrison Carida!

 photo CaridaBanner.jpg

 photo Carida2.jpg

_ _ _

The CT-V Mothership

 photo Vgroup2017.jpg

Meet members of the CT-V Mothership “Visitors” costume group! Friendship is universal!

_ _ _

Karaoke Contest!

 photo RC kar 17a.jpg

Channel your inner 80’s rocker at Retro Con’s Truly Outrageous Karaoke Contest! Full details on the contest can be found HERE!

_ _ _

 Spaceballs: The Display!

 photo SB2.jpg

_ _ _

Jurassic Park JP-18 Ready for Service!

 photo JP18a.jpg

 photo JP18b.jpg

 (JP-18 supplied by Frank Bedo)

_ _ _

Get your photo taken with the BTTF Time Machine replica!

 photo dmc1.jpg

 photo 20121111_095327_ABA_5028.jpg

 photo 856525_612437538794313_360349020_o.jpg

(DeLorean supplied by Tom & Amy Silknitter)

_ _ _

Bill & Ted Phone Booth Time Machine!

 photo BilTedBooth.jpg

 photo SkelBoothJoeyO2.jpg

 photo 12033183_EricaSchmidt.jpg

 photo MumPhone2smoke.jpg

 photo PeterPhoneTJbecker.jpg

Take a picture in or next to our most triumphant Bill & Ted phone booth!

_ _ _

**Features are subject to cancellation**

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