Raffle Prizes


Retro Con Raffle!


Everyone that buys a ticket into Retro Con receives a raffle ticket good for a chance at winning any of our raffle prizes!

We will hold two raffle sessions each day, which will be broadcast over our PA system. You must be present to win. If you hear your number called, please walk immediately to the front of the hall to receive your prize. If no one claims the prize after a minute or two, we will draw a new number until the prize is claimed!


Raffle Prizes for 2016


_ _ _

LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse set


 photo GBhouse.jpg

(donated by Nick Govosdian)

_ _ _

Transformers Combiner Wars Devastator by Hasbro


 photo Dev2.jpg

 photo Dev1.jpg
_ _ _

Pac-Man Ghost Light


 photo PacLight.jpg

(donated by Nick Govosdian)

_ _ _

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase Figure


 photo MDMfigure.jpg

(donated by Nick Govosdian)

_ _ _

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap by Matty Collector


 photo IMG_2970.jpg

 photo IMG_2995.jpg

_ _ _

Yarn Game Boy craft w/ Tetris


 photo GBmain2.jpg

14″ tall and made of yarn woven into plastic canvas (real Game Boy not included)

_ _ _

Star Wars Black Series TIE Fighter


 photo tie1.jpg

 photo tie2.jpg

(Donated by Nick Govosdian)

_ _ _

Masterpiece Starscream


 photo MPstarscream.jpg
_ _ _

ThunderCats Cats Lair statue by Icon Heroes


 photo IMG_4115.jpg

 photo IMG_4106.jpg
_ _ _

Ghostbusters The Board Game

 photo GBgame.jpg

(Donated by Chris Scheetz)

_ _ _

Filmation Skeletor figure by MattyCollector


 photo FilmSkeletor.jpg
_ _ _

Miniature Flux Capacitor by Mad Geek Collectibles


 photo Flux1b_zpsvapibedz.jpg

 photo Flux2_zpsxfon6oar.jpg
_ _ _

Boxed Sega Genesis System w/ Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2


 photo Genesis1.jpg

 photo Genesis3.jpg
_ _ _

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