Covid Guidance

PA Covid-19 Guidance

Covid-19 guidance is always in flux, and we plan to comply with any Pennsylvania state/county orders in place at the time of Retro Con. Here is where we stand currently.

-In accordance with Montgomery County health department guidance, the Expo Center is recommending masks to be worn by everyone in the building, regardless of their vaccination status. 

-Also in accordance with the latest Montgomery County guidance, masks are also recommended be worn outside of the building while in close proximity to others. 

-If you are feeling symptoms consistent with those of Covid-19, or have been in close contact with someone who has had Covid-19 in the week prior to the show, we ask that you *not* attend Retro Con.

-Please take advantage of the abundance of hand sanitizer we’ll have at various spots around the show floor, and please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after a restroom visit. We’ll be switching back to wristbands for daily attendees this year, as the ink stamps we typically use will not withstand frequent hand-washing/sanitizing.

-We’ll be placing a lesser amount of chairs in the panel area on the show floor this year compared to years previous, but we still encourage attendees to space themselves out in the panel area if the opportunity is available.

-We will still hold our show raffles as normal. However, we ask that attendees not crowd around the Raffle table as in previous years. As long as you can hear the voice of our show announcer, you can move to front if your ticket number is called. We will allot extra time between numbers this year to give attendees more time to reach the front of the hall.

-Some attendees, vendors, and guests might be averse to handshaking or hugs right now. We ask that you don’t take this personally. When in doubt, ask!

-Though it is billed as “The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center”, the building is actually located in Montgomery County (and not Philly proper). So any restrictions in place in the city limits of Philadelphia do not necessarily apply to the expo center at Oaks.

An inherent risk of exposure to Covid-19 exists in any public place where people are present. Covid-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the CDC, senior citizens and those with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By entering Retro Con, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to Covid-19.

Mask Up

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