Guests For 2018


*Unless stated otherwise, all guests will be at the show both Saturday and Sunday!*

_ _ _


Voice Actor Melendy Britt


Melendy is best known for giving voice to one of the most iconic and empowered female characters of the 1980’s: She-Ra, Princess of Power!! She also voiced other notable characters on the show such as Castaspella, Mermista, and Catra. She can also be heard on other cartoons such as The New adventures of Batman, Plastic Man, and Avatar: The Last Airbender!

_ _ _


Voice Actor Gregg Berger



Gregg is best known for voicing the mighty Dinobot leader: Grimlock! He voiced the fan-favorite character in all of the G1 Transformers series, Transformers: The Movie, and in several video games. Gregg can also be heard as Skyfire and Long Haul in Transformers, Spirit and Firefly on GI Joe, Cornfed Pig on Duckman, The Gromble on Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Mr. Little on The Littles, and he’s been the voice of lovable pooch Odie for over 35 years!

_ _ _


Actor Garry Chalk


(sponsored by Candice Santora/CNS Art)




Garry is known for voicing noble leader of the Maximals, Optimus Primal, in the popular 90’s iteration of Transformers: Beast Wars! He is known for numerous other animated roles, such Man-At-Arms in Masters of the Universe (2002), Guts Man on Mega Man, Pathfinder & Metal Head on GI Joe, Grounder on Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and King Hippo on Captain N: The Game Master! Garry has also been an on-screen actor for over 30 years and can be seen in Arrow, Stargate SG-1, Supernatural, Freddy vs. Jason, The Fly II, and many more shows and movies!

_ _ _


Voice Actor Samantha Newark



Samantha is best known for giving voice to one of the most iconic characters of the 80’s: Jem! She voiced the character through all 65 episodes of the Sunbow cartoon series, which has a devoted fanbase to this day! Samantha also voiced Autobot Ariel in the G1 Transformers episode “War Dawn”, which revealed the origin of Autobot leader Optimus Prime!

_ _ _


Voice Actor Larry Kenney





Larry is best known as the voice of Lion-O on the ThnderCats cartoon by Rankin/Bass! He also voiced Jackalman on the show, and voiced Lion-O’s father Claudus in the 2011 revival of the brand. He also played Bluegrass on Silverhawks, and was the voice of classic cereal mascots Count Chocula and Cocoa Puffs Sonny. More recently he has been the tagline announcer in the popular Skittles “Taste the Rainbow!” campaign!


_ _ _


Eric “The Smoke” Moran



_ _ _


Cinema Sickness



Cinema Sickness has been a collector of media since 2001 and has amassed one of the largest personal collections in the world, including 38 different formats! A dedicated fan base of thousands watch his daily vlogs, which document his visits to stores in the area, in search of movies and tv shows in modern and vintage formats, as well as games, books, and much more.

_ _ _


501st Garrison Carida




_ _ _

**All Guests Subject To Cancellation Due to Illness or Professional Commitments**

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