Guests For 2020!


*Unless stated otherwise, all guests will be at the show both Saturday and Sunday!*


_ _ _


William Katt


William is best known for playing the lead role in the classic 80’s TV series The Greatest American Hero! Running for 3 seasons, the show followed the exploits of mild-mannered teacher Ralph Hinkley, who receives a super powered suit from aliens during a fate encounter in the desert. Immediately losing the instructions, Ralph has to learn the suit’s powers through trial and error, often with comical results. You’ve also seen William in several well known movies as well, such as the supernatural chiller Carrie (1976), the cult dinosaur classic Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend (1985), and the popular horror/comedy House (1986)!


_ _ _


“Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart




One of the greatest ‘heel’ managers of all time, Jimmy Hart has been a fixture of wrestling since the mid-80s when he joined the WWF. Over the years, he’s managed such legendary wrestlers as Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ted DiBiase, Jerry Lawler, Greg Valentine, and many more! Sporting his signature ‘loud’ outfits and with trademark megaphone in hand, Jimmy made sure he was the center of attention during backstage promos and by ringside! Spending 8 years in the WWF, Jimmy moved on to the WCW and other wrestling circuits for many years, before returning to the WWE in 2011 under a Legends contract!


_ _ _


George Lowe



GeorgeLowe CompSquare1c


George is best known for voicing superhero turned talk show host: SPACE GHOST!! Broadcasting from Ghost Planet with arch foes Zorak and Moltar as his hapless crew, Space Ghost Coast to Coast featured the title character interviewing notable public figures of the era.  George also voiced himself, George Lowe, on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, where he would have a different occupation in each episode. He also provides multiple voices on Robot Chicken, his most notable being the recurring character of the depraved Unicorn. He also played Brak’s father on the popular Space Ghost spin-off series The Brak Show!

_ _ _


Bob Budiansky



Bob was instrumental in the development of G1 Transformers in the early years of the brand. He crafted character names and bios for over 250 Transformers characters, in the process coining such iconic TF names as Grimlock, Wheeljack, Starscream, and Megatron! He was also script writer for the original Marvel TFs comic, and would also pencil the occasional cover for the title. Bob also enjoyed a 20-year career at Marvel Comics as editor, illustrator, and writer. While at Marvel, he created his own monthly comic series- Sleepwalker!


_ _ _


Toy Designer Tim Clarke


Tim Clarke 2020 2e


 Once known as the “King of Gross”, Tim is the co-creator of cult favorite 80’s toy lines Sectaurs (Coleco) and Boglins (Mattel)! Tim started his career designing and building puppets for the Jim Henson Company. Most notable were the Mystics and the Slaves that he sculpted and designed for the movie the Dark Crystal, guided by the incredible drawings of Brian Froud. He also worked on puppets for Sesame Street, the Muppet Show, and Fraggle Rock for which he created “Traveling Matt”.

*Find Tim In Vendor Row 2 at Retro Con!*


_ _ _


Eric “The Smoke” Moran




_ _ _


Cinema Sickness


RC CinemaSickness1b


_ _ _


**All Guests Subject To Cancellation Due to Illness or Professional Commitments**


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