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Win a HabLab Proton Pack at Retro Con 2023!

March 2, 2023 Leave a comment

GB raffle 1k

Yes, the proton pack IS a toy!

Just added to our show raffle is the recently released HasLab Ghostbusters Proton Pack, brand new in (very large) box! The talk of the town in recent months, this is one cool toy of Gozer-level proportions! It’s full 1:1 scale with detailing based on the Spengler pack seen in Ghostbusters Afterlife, has a hefty weight, authentic lights and sounds, a rumble motor, is wearable right out of the box, and designed to be “modder” friendly. Too hot to handle! Too cold to hold!

The HasLab proton pack didn’t come bundled with a neutrona wand, so we’re throwing one in! It integrates with the pack via an included connector cable, giving you the power to heat it up! “Do…” “Re…” “Egooonnn!”

The original retail price on this bundle was $525, but is now going for $800+ on the aftermarket. One lucky winner at the show will take it home! “I love this plan! I’m excited to be a part of it! Let’s do it!”

Order of Cosmic Champions Figure Giveaway!

September 14, 2022 Leave a comment

OoCC Promo 1e

One of our 2022 sponsors is Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions, a retro-influenced novel releasing October 18th, and available for pre-order at places like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, and more!

And the makers of the novel are hosting a promotional ACTION FIGURE GIVEAWAY at Retro Con! We’ll have available ‘Fierce Phantos: Master of Illusion’ and ‘Mechani-Ghoul: Monstrous Mixture of Science & Sorcery’, opposing characters from the “story within the story” of the novel. Both figures will come on a thematic card and feature 5 points of articulation, with Fierce Phantos also including a hand blaster and removeable clear dome!

We’ll be giving these away *while supplies last*, one figure per attendee. We’ll be splitting them between the Preregistrant line and Walk-in line. Both lines will have both figures.

A big thanks to Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions for donating these to the show! Please check out their website at They’ve got a teaser trailer, links to pre-order the novel, and all kinds of tie-in merch available (or soon to be available) for sale. Even an Order of Cosmic Champions branded “View-Master”! Now THAT’S retro!

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Four Horsemen Studios at Retro Con 2022!

FHS 2e

We’re excited to announce that the world famous Four Horsemen Studios will be exhibiting at Retro Con 2022!

Started in 1999, Four Horsemen have been a huge presence on the collector action figure scene, having done sculpting for dozens of fan-favorite toy brands. Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, ThunderCats, TMNT, Harry Potter, DC, and Marvel- just to name a few!

In early 2015, Four Horsemen Studios unleashed their “Mythic Legions” figure line on the toy collecting world! This 6″ scale figure line is known for its detailed sculpting, swappable parts, poseability, wide variety of sizes, and their beautiful fantasy styling. With each new wave that premieres, new fans are drawn into this colossal and diverse world.

And with the upcoming “Cosmic Legions” and their red-hot Figura Obscura releases, Four Horsemen Studios continues to create exciting and original new toy creations aimed at the adult collector!

Four Horsemen Studios will be at Retro Con both Saturday and Sunday. They’ll be fully loaded up with their current in-house products for sale, so come get your fill!

Find more info about FHS at!

Try the Retro Con Toy Time Machine!

March 18, 2022 Leave a comment

Vending 2g

It’s funny when a new show feature gets dropped in your lap…

An old friend of ours is moving out of the country, and unexpectedly gifted us this genuine capsule vending machine! (henceforth to be referred to as a “gumball machine”, because we’re retro like that…)

Anyway, this gumball machine happens to be filled with toy prizes from the past 40+ years, so we’re bringing it to the show as a fun new feature! If you’ve got two quarters burning a hole in your pocket, come give the Retro Con Toy Time Machine a spin!

Pictures shown are prizes we actually spotted in this machine. We don’t want to spoil it all, but you can expect items from such categories as robots, kaiju, video games, cartoons, sports, aliens, and monsters. We’re pretty sure we encountered one or two cursed objects in there as well… It’s fun!

A big thanks to our friend Steve for donating this to the show! We wish you the best of luck with your move.

Sectaurs at Retro Con!

August 7, 2019 Leave a comment


Retro Con will have some Sectaurs programming at the show this year!




Though the line was short-lived back in the 80’s, it’s grown into something of a cult classic over the years with it’s cool character designs and interesting puppet companions. They are wonderfully quirky toys, and you are bound to find them for sale in the vendor section at the show!



Youtube channel Retro Toy Review will be hosting a panel at the show on Saturday morning (tentative start time is 10:30am). Host Cliff Reese will be screening his award-winning documentary called “The Story of Sectaurs”! In this spirited mini-doc, Cliff will take you through the origins of the line, the creation of the toys, the world reception, and the line’s end (and rebirth!). Featured in interviews in the doc is co-creator of the toy line, Retro Con guest Tim Clarke!   



 Speaking of rebirth, Sectaurs is making a comeback with a brand new figure line being made by ZICA Toys!

Sectaurs co-creator Tim Clarke has been working with them to bring the line back, and has sent us word that he’ll have test shots of the new figures and packaging on display at Retro Con 2019 (Official) next month! With the line slated to hit by the end of the year, this is your chance to get a sneak peek!!

Look for Tim’s booth in *Row 2* on the show floor! And please check out his website HERE!


Join Toy Galaxy at Retro Con!

June 24, 2019 Leave a comment



We welcome popular youtube channel Toy Galaxy and its host Dan Larson to Retro Con 2019!


Toy Galaxy describes itself as “Toy news, previews and reviews- wrapped up in a tasty little ball of entertainment and humor”!

With a viewing audience of nearly 140,000 subscribers, their weekly videos on youtube cover everything from Marvel Legends, Star Wars, Transformers, He-Man, GI Joe, and many other classic cartoons and shows from the 80’s, 90’s and today. They also have other features such as their popular ‘History of’ videos, plus toy haul videos, Oddities and Video Essays, and much more. If you’re into action figures and cartoons, Toy Galaxy surely has something for you! 

Toy Galaxy will be at the show both days, and will have a booth in the guest section where they’ll be meeting with fans of the channel and selling channel merchandise. They’ll also be taking part in a Q&A/presentation in the panel area! (day and time to be determined soon).


Follow Toy Galaxy Online!









Meet Boglins and Sectaurs Creator Tim Clarke at Retro Con 2018!

August 3, 2018 Leave a comment


We welcome toy and puppet designer Tim Clarke to our guest list for Retro Con 2018! 


For over 30 years Tim has been inventing, designing and sculpting some of the most unusual toys to ever be marketed in the US and abroad. Once known as the “King of Gross”, he is the co-creator of cult favorite 80’s toy lines Sectaurs (Coleco) and Boglins (Mattel)!



Tim started his career designing and building puppets for the Jim Henson Company. Most notable were the Mystics and the Slaves that he sculpted and designed for the movie the Dark Crystal, guided by the incredible drawings of Brian Froud. He also worked on puppets for Sesame Street, the Muppet Show, and Fraggle Rock for which he created “Traveling Matt”.

After Dark Crystal was launched, he garnered his first toy sculpting gig with Hasbro creating the Garthim, Mystics and Landstrider toys. He has also created toys for Melissa and Doug toys, EK Success, Mattel, Coleco, Kenner, and Ideal- to mention just a few!




Tim recently launched his NEW line of horribleness: The TOTIMS!

I love creating my own mythology. The world is filled with modern day mythological creatures you can find them in every nook and cranny of your bedroom closet.” 



Tim will be at Retro Con all weekend, so stop by his booth in the Guest section! Tim will be showing off his new line of Boglins, Sectaurs, and more!!

Bog band



Follow Tim On-Line!

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