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Retro Con Tees!

August 16, 2022 Leave a comment


Want to come to Retro Con in style? Buy a T-shirt from our Teespring store! 

See our full list of T-shirts and other stuff here:

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Meet Butch Patrick at Retro Con 2022!

August 4, 2022 Leave a comment

RC BP 3hhh

“Eddie, stop biting your nails!”

We’re super excited to add actor Butch Patrick to our guest list for Retro Con 2022!

Butch is best known for playing Eddie Munster, the lycanthrope child of Herman and Lily, on the 60’s sitcom The Munsters! Though the series only ran two seasons, reruns of the show catapulted it to classic tv status loved by each new generation that discovers it, elevating the character of Eddie Munster to pop culture icon!

Butch has also been in numerous other productions in his long career, including playing lead character Mark in the trippy Sid & Marty Krofft show ‘Lidsville’, as well as appearances in The Phantom Tollbooth, Adam-12, The Untouchables, Family Affair, The Monkees, Shazam!, My Three Sons, The Simpsons (voicing himself!), and many many more.

Butch has been a staple at events for years and is extremely friendly to fans. Be sure to stop by his table in the guest section to say hi. Will he have Woof-Woof with him? Come and see!

Butch Patrick’s appearance at Retro Con is being sponsored by Monkee Mania Radio! Celebrating the music of The Monkees and so much more. We thank Jodi Ritzen very much for her generosity in bringing Butch to Retro Con! 


Meet Claudia Wells at Retro Con 2022!

July 29, 2022 Leave a comment

Claudia RC 2f

“While you were outside pouting over the car, Jennifer Parker called you twice.”

Please welcome Claudia Wells as guest for Retro Con 2022, September 24th & 25th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA!

Claudia’s starring role as Jennifer Parker, Marty McFly’s supportive high school sweetheart in the massive 1985 hit film BACK TO THE FUTURE, forever put her in movie history as part of one of the greatest films of all time! That’s the POWER of love!

While personal obligations prevented her from taking part in the BTTF sequels, Claudia later had the chance to reprise her role as the voice of Jennifer in the Back to the Future video game by Telltale Games (2010), and she’s taken part in several BTTF documentaries over the years. Claudia is also the longtime owner and operator of the clothing store ‘Armani Wells’ in Los Angeles.

Claudia is very spirited and loves Back to the Future and fans of the series! So please visit her table in the guest section to say hi and to get your autographs/photo ops. She’ll be right next to the DeLorean time machine! All prices will be up on the website very soon.

Follow Claudia Online!





Retro Con Costume Contests!

July 28, 2022 Leave a comment

2022 Costume Contest 1j

What’s better than one costume contest? TWO costume contests, obviously!

Join us Saturday at 1:15pm at Retro Con for the “Ages 14 and Up” costume contest, and then again on Sunday at 12:15pm for the “Ages 13 and Under” costume contest! Both hosted by our good friend Eric “The Smoke” Moran, a one man costume army!

Both contests will be held in the panel area at the show, with individuals and small groups welcome to participate. Preregistering for the contests is not necessary and there are no sign-up fees, though we do suggest entrants please arrive outside the panel area for line-up in the minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Top prize on Saturday is $150 in cash, with Skelly awards for our 3 winners. Top prize on Sunday is $100 in cash, and a box of toys for all participants to choose from after the contest is over.

We love having costume contests and we love seeing all the imaginative ideas you bring to the show every year. What we DON’T love is to waste your time with long drawn-out contests. We always do our best to keep our contests moving at a brisk pace, so you can get back to enjoying the rest of the event and make the most of your time at Retro Con!

Win Free Stuff at the Retro Con 2022 Trivia Contest!

July 8, 2022 Leave a comment

Trivia 22dd

Don’t miss the Retro Con 2022 Trivia Contest, hosted by The Breaux Show!!
We’ve got some great stuff ready to be won this year, including a G1 Soundwave reissue, vintage He-Man cake pan (“Now is time for cake!”), a Star Wars logo light, geek related plushes, PEZ dispensers, LEGO Dimension sets, Hot Wheels, the omnipresent Funko Pops, and a whole lot more!

The contest is free to take part in and requires no sign-ups. Simply visit the panel area during the contest to participate, tentatively set for 11:15am on Sunday September 25th. We’ll reveal each item one at a time, then ask a trivia question related to it. Directly after we’ll randomly call on a person in the audience with their hand raised to answer. If they get it right, they win the prize on the spot. If not, we ask a different audience member until the prize is claimed. No Googling allowed!

Please come win our stuff. No, seriously! We’re running out of room at home!!

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The Karaoke Contest Returns for Retro Con 2022!

July 1, 2022 Leave a comment

karaoke 3m

Back by popular demand! We proudly reinstate the Retro Con karaoke contest for 2022!

When we decided to quietly exclude the karaoke contest from our 2021 show, we had no idea how much it would be missed! We had so many folks asking where it was/went. Not just past contestants and audience members, but even vendors that just enjoyed hearing the contest going on from their tables. So we went groveling back to our friend Nagi Oki to host the contest once again, and she graciously accepted! 😉

‘We’re Back! A Retro Con Karaoke Contest’ will be held on early Sunday afternoon at the show, tentative start time 1pm. We’ll have a wide variety of 80’s (and some early 90’s) song classics to choose from. Most will have on-screen lyrics to follow along with, but we will also be supplementing these with a few geek-related favorites that will have a *lyrics sheet only*. Consider these “extra credit” choices!

Since contestant space is limited and we need time to get the playlist ready, sign-ups will be required! Listen for an announcement over the PA system around 11:15am Sunday to let you know sign-ups are starting. If interest is high, we might have to go with a “lottery” system to pick our 15 contestants.

First Prize this year is a brand new (transformable!) LEGO Icons Optimus Prime set, a $170 retail value! We have other great prizes lined as well, such as a Figuarts Deadpool figure for 2nd Place, and Super7 Ultimates Lion-O figure for 3rd Place!

We’ll handle the retro, you bring the rock!


The contest rules are as follows:

#1. No staff or volunteers may enter.
#2. Singing in costume is allowed, but will not affect the judges’ scoring.
#3. No skits are allowed. Dancing in place however is just fine (and encouraged).
#4. Songs will be picked on a first-come, first-served basis. Songs will not be held for specific contestants. Also, outside songs will not be allowed.
#5. No instruments will be allowed.
#6. All contestants must arrive at the panel/event room *15 minutes* prior to showtime for check-in and singing order assignment. If you are not present at this time, you may have to forfeit your place.
#7. Please no heckling from the audience or other contestants. Anyone found to be disorderly will be asked to leave the panel area.

#8. You MUST rock.

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Retro T-shirt Contest at Retro Con 2022!

June 17, 2022 Leave a comment

RC tshirt 2022 6n

Let those geek tees shine! Retro Con’s very own Retro T-shirt Contest makes its triumphant return for 2022!

A longstanding tradition at fan gatherings is attendees wearing t-shirts expressing their favorite characters and brands. We’ve turned this trend into a unique contest to win free stuff! The Retro Con T-shirt contest will be held in the panel area mid-day on Saturday, and WE want to see YOUR Saturday best! Your t-shirt can be vintage, new, or custom made. As long as it’s retro-related (mid-90s and back), you’re welcome to enter!

Prizes this year include a reissue G1 Soundwave and Blaster figure set for 1st Place, a reissue Turtle Van and Ecto-1 vehicle set for 2nd Place, and a Legend of Zelda Game & Watch handheld for 3rd Place! We’ll have some “Honorable Mention” prizes as well.

**Contest Rules**

1: No water will be involved. ;P

2. The contest is open to anyone at Retro Con wearing a t-shirt with a retro-oriented logo or print on it (mid-90’s properties or older). Examples include: movies, cartoons, comics, tv shows, toy lines, company logos, mascots, music bands, and more!

3. There are no sign-ups needed. Interested contestant can line up outside of the panel area prior to the contest start time. (Start time to be determined soon!)

4. T-Shirts can be vintage, new, or custom-made. But bonus points will be given to t-shirts that are vintage or custom!

5. Only actual t-shirts can be entered. Sorry, sweatshirts, jackets, snuggies, jerseys, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, etc., will NOT be allowed.

6. The Retro Con t-shirt contest is a family-friendly event! Tees with overly sexual imagery or crude language will not be allowed.

7. We’ll allow a small group to enter as one contestant if they have t-shirts associated with each other.

8. The contest will be slated for about 30 minutes. Hosts will ask questions to the contestants on-hand, after which they will pick approximately 10 entrants to be finalists.

9. After our Finalists are picked, they will be asked to go to the front of the Panel area. An additional round of questions, along with some audience participation, will determine our 3 winners!

A big thanks as always to our good friend Mike from the Breaux Show for hosting this contest!

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Cybertronic Spree Concert Tickets Now On Sale!

June 10, 2022 Leave a comment

CS Tickets 2g

Get ready for the REAL Rock Lords!!

Tickets are NOW AVAILABLE for the Cybertronic Spree concert, happening Saturday, September 24th at Arnold’s at the Factory in Oaks, PA!


Arnold’s at the Factory in Oaks
(Water Tower section)
2200 West Dr
Oaks, PA 19456

Concert start time: 8pm

**Please arrive between 7pm and 8pm for concert check-in**

Purchase tickets via Paypal below!

(If you need more than 4, you can make a separate purchase)


Buy 1 Ticket Cybertronic Spree 2022

_ _ _

Buy 2 Tickets Cybertronic Spree 2022

_ _ _

Buy 3 Tickets Cybertronic Spree 2022

_ _ _

Buy 4 Tickets Cybertronic Spree 2022


Please read concert details in full:

You DO NOT need to pre-register for (or even attend) Retro Con itself to buy tickets for the concert. But likewise, purchasing a concert ticket does not grant you access into Retro Con. These are separate events.

These are considered “Will Call” tickets, which means physical tickets will NOT be mailed to you. Please bring along your ID or a print-out/screen cap of your Paypal transaction receipt. Our staff will use it to check you in at Arnold’s. We will send you an email to confirm your ticket purchase.

Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. However, in the unlikely event the concert is cancelled, full refunds will be given.

Please note you should enter through The Water Tower entrance at Arnold’s Family Fun Center, which is just to the right of the main entrance at Arnold’s (look for the blue awning). Arnold’s itself is located directly next door to The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks.

The concert start time is 8pm, though you can arrive for concert check-in any time after 7pm. But feel free to get to Arnold’s Family Fun Center early! They have a numerous fun activities such as go-carts, mini golf, lasertag, arcade games, bowling, a restaurant, and much more!

The concert will run about one hour and fifteen minutes. Maybe longer if you charge up the band with your positive energy!!

Attendees can purchase band-related t-shirts and other merch at the venue before the show if you want to watch the concert in style! The band will also be available for a meet/greet immediately after the concert. But to ensure you get the full band experience (and first crack at their merchandise), please come to Retro Con on Saturday! The band will be at the show from 10am to 1pm, and will be taking part in a Q&A panel!

Please note that this is a General Admission/Standing Room Only concert. This means that there will be no chairs in the main audience section, and there will be no assigned positions. The staff at Arnold’s will of course do their best to accommodate attendees with disabilities.

There is a full bar in the venue, where attendees 21 and older can purchase drinks.

There are no age restrictions at this event, though all ages require a concert ticket. We do not recommend bringing very young children to this event, as it is a rock concert played at full volume. Please also keep in mind the concert will be held in a bar setting.

We want to keep this event fun and safe for everyone! Anyone found to be disorderly will be asked to leave without refund.

If you need to make a name change on your ticket reservation, please drop us a line at!

Missed our original announcement about the Cybertronic Spree? Read all about them here:



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See the Monkeemobile at Retro Con 2022!

June 3, 2022 Leave a comment

RC MM 3g

“Come, my trusty cohorts! Let us to the Monkeemobile! AWAY!”

Joining the DeLorean time machine and screen-used KITT on the show floor at Retro Con this year will be another famous pop culture car… The Monkeemobile!!

Built from a modified 1966 Pontiac GTO, this spectacular replica is based directly on the one seen in the 60’s Monkees tv show. Look for this beautiful machine in back of the hall- right next to Micky Dolenz himself!

The Monkeemobile will be available for photo ops with the car by itself, as well as combo photo ops with the car and Micky! We’ll post up the price list as we approach showtime.


Monkees Car



Cybertronic Spree Guest Appearance and Concert!

May 27, 2022 Leave a comment

Spree Press Fire Tickets Soon

These “metalheads” are the real deal! Traveling to Oaks via the Spacebridge, please welcome back for Retro Con 2022… The Cybertronic Spree!

More than meets the eye, this band of Transformers are here on Earth with one critical mission: To party like it’s 1986! Join Hotrod, Arcee, Rumble, Unicron, Soundwave, Bumblebee, Shockwave, and all 5 faces of the Quintesson as they prove they’ve got the power to light your darkest hour! These rockstars in disguise play music from Transformers: The Movie (1986), plus themes from hit movies, cartoons, and video games, as well as their own original tunes. They blend their love for the 80’s and 90’s pop culture into an energon-fueled, unforgettable live show that just might transform you back into a kid again!

The band is in the midst of their ridiculously successful RAVAGE kickstarter campaign, designed to get their first original full-length album produced. It not only reached its goal… it reached its goal in an hour flat! The campaign has gone on to get funded nearly 7 times over, with over a week and a half still left to go. I think it’s safe to say this album is skipping gold/platinum/diamond, and going straight to “Energon” status! The kickstarter is still live if you’d like to get in on the action.

The Cybertronic Spree will be attending Retro Con early on Saturday (September 24th) as convention guests, where fans can meet the band and pick up band-related merchandise. Tentative times are 10am to 1pm.

Have a burning question for the band? The Cybertronic Spree will also be taking part in their FIRST-EVER RETRO CON Q&A PANEL at the show! Ask them anything! But please, no marriage proposals for Arcee. 😉

And of course, the Spree will also be performing a LIVE CONCERT that Saturday night at 8pm at the nearby Arnold’s at the Factory in Oaks! Tickets for this concert/after-party will be separate from Retro Con proper, and will go up for sale very soon! Keep watching the Retro Con and Cybertronic Spree pages.