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Meet Kent McCord at Retro Con 2021!

April 23, 2021 Leave a comment

“1-Adam-12, 1-Adam-12, please respond!”

Please welcome acclaimed actor Kent McCord to Retro Con 2021!

Kent is best known for his role as Officer Jim Reed in the classic 60s/70s TV series ‘Adam-12’. The show followed LAPD officers Jim Reed and his superior Officer Pete Malloy, as they ride the streets of Los Angeles in their patrol unit, 1-Adam-12 (one of TV’s coolest rides!). The series ran for an impressive 174 episodes from 1968 to 1975, and is still gathering new fans to this day. The character of Officer Jim Reed also appeared in other series within the same “universe” as Adam-12, such as ‘Dragnet’ and ‘Emergency!‘.

Kent also had a pivotal reoccurring part on the hit Sci-Fi Channel show ‘Farscape’, where he played Jack Crichton, father of lead show character John Crichton. His episodes of the show were among the most emotional of the series. He also played the part of “Jack the Ancient”, an alien that took the visage of John’s father to test his reaction to an illusion of Earth.

You may also remember Kent from his roles in such movies and tv shows as Airplane 2: The Sequel (“So you see, both Dunn and I were under Oveur, even though I was under Dunn.”), Predator 2, Galactica 1980, Return of the Living Dead III, SeaQuest DSV, and much more!

Mr. McCord will be available to meet at Retro Con on both Saturday and Sunday (autograph and photo op prices will be posted closer to show time). He will also be participating in a Q&A panel at the show, with the day and time to be determined.

**Kent will also be celebrating his birthday at Retro Con on Sunday! Be sure to stop by and wish him a Happy Birthday!!**

Meet William Katt at Retro Con 2021!

March 18, 2021 Leave a comment

“Believe it or Not”, this month in 1981 marked the premiere of The Greatest American Hero on ABC!

We were super-bummed when we had to cancel the convention last year, because we were very excited to bring this particular guest to the show. But that’s okay‚Ķ because now we get to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the show that made him a household name!

Please welcome actor William Katt to Retro Con 2021!

Mr. Katt is best known for playing the lead role in the classic 80’s action/comedy series ‘The Greatest American Hero’! Running for 3 seasons, the show followed the exploits of mild-mannered teacher Ralph Hinkley, who receives a super powered suit from aliens during a fate encounter in the desert. Immediately *losing* the instructions, Ralph has to learn the suit’s powers through trial and error, often with comical results. With the help of his FBI friend Bill and girlfriend Pam, together they use Ralph’s super powers to fight crime and injustice around the globe… one crash at a time.

Fondly remembered to this day, you can find the show on a multitude of channels and streaming services. And the theme song from the show, ‘Believe it or Not’ (sung by Joey Scarbury), is also still in regular rotation on radio stations across the country. Also, not a single Retro Con goes by that we don’t have an attendee dressed up as the character!

You’ve seen William in several well known movies as well, such as Stephen King’s Carrie (1976), the cult dinosaur classic Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend (1985), and the popular horror/comedy House (1986). He’s also done voice acting, playing Green Guardsman in the Justice League animated series, and Hawkman in Batman: Brave and the Bold!

William is scheduled to be at the show both days, and will take part in a Q&A panel hosted by Fandom Spotlite.

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Retro Con 2020 Is Cancelled

July 20, 2020 Leave a comment


With great sadness, we must report the cancellation of Retro Con 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic situation.

We did our best to hang in there, and tried to look into options to create a safe atmosphere for the show this year. But the current Green Phase protocol in Pennsylvania has severely restricted how many people can be at an indoor event, making a convention the size of Retro Con an impossibility. There is no scheduled end to the Green Phase, or even what comes after, so we have no choice but to pull the plug at this time.

Some shows in the area are planning to go forward this year by limiting how many people are in the hall at once, requiring masks, and enforcing social distancing. Retro Con is a very social event by nature, so we feel that these restrictions are the opposite of what our show is about. We’d rather put our effort into putting on a better show in 2021, than putting on a compromised show this year.

We are extremely sorry to disappoint you all. We hate to be yet another cancelled show on the calendar, especially at a time when fun diversions are in short supply. Even though the show is a lot of work for us, it’s also equally rewarding. The kind words we’ve received from attendees and vendors over the years, including this year, have made it all worth it. A silver lining is that we can finally give our extremely dedicated staff and volunteers a much needed break. We can’t thank them enough for their constant help and support over the past 8 years.

We will do our best to move our 2020 guests to next year’s show, as we were just as excited to meet them as many of you were. And if 2021 proves to be a more settled year, we hope to bolster our guest list further!

If you purchased a ticket to Retro Con 2020, we will be sending you a refund immediately. And to our 2020 vendors, please be on the lookout for an email from us this week, which will contain your refund options. If you don’t receive the email by Wednesday, please contact us.

Also, if you reserved a hotel room at one of our host hotels, please don’t forget to contact them for cancellation! We had group rates set up at the Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Inn.

We’ve never been very big on “moichandising”, but if you’d like to support Retro Con during our unscheduled down time, we’ve started designing t-shirts and other show merchandise on Teespring! If you feel so inclined, you can see our current items for sale here:

We sincerely thank you for bearing with us during these uncertain times, and we really hope we can get back on track for 2021. We thank you for your support and we wish you all well! If you have any questions, please let us know.

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Guest Cancellation

August 11, 2016 Leave a comment


 photo MWcancel1.jpg

Due to professional commitments, comedian Michael Winslow has had to cancel his appearance at Retro Con 2016. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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