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Meet Dan Gilvezan at Retro Con 2021!

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Spider Friends- GO FOR IT!!

Please welcome to Retro Con 2021, voice actor Dan Gilvezan!

Dan is best known in the retro realm as the voice of the original Bumblebee on G1 Transformers! Dan voiced the small but dynamic Autobot in over 45 episodes of the original G1 cartoon, as well as the 1986 feature film, and the Transformers: Devastation video game. The character has been an “evergreen” fan-favorite through numerous incarnations of the Transformers fiction and toy line since his debut.

And not to be upstaged by a Volkswagen, Dan has another huge role for retro fans: Spider-Man! Dan voiced the webslinger (and his alter ego Peter Parker) throughout 24 episodes of NBC’s Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Saturday morning cartoon show! Though the show didn’t have a long episode run, it made its mark as one of the most remembered versions of Spider-Man to date due to its excellent voice acting and the chemistry between characters Spidey, Iceman, and Firestar!

Dan voiced other Transformers characters in the G1 series as well, including Hotspot, Outback, Scamper, Snapdragon, and Goldbug (the rebuilt version of Bumblebee). Other animation roles include Prince Dargon on Sectaurs, Slip Stream on GI Joe, Sean Harrison on Jem, and Cooler on Pound Puppies.

Dan is also an author! Dan has written an eclectic assortment of books over the past ten years, all available on Amazon. One book of note is Bumblebee & Me: Life as a G1 Transformer! The book details Dan’s years of recording for the G1 Transformers cartoon series and animated movie, and gives insight into the process of voice acting and his interactions with fellow voice actors of the era. Dan will have the book for sale at his table at Retro Con. It’s a fantastic read for any Transformers fan, and the cover art was done by Retro Con’s very own co-founder Rosemary!

Dan will be at the show all weekend, so stop by his table in the guest section to meet the voice of your childhood!

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Spiderman Comp1

Dan Misc Chars 2

Dan Misc TFs Comp1b


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