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Meet Singer Stan Bush at Retro Con 2023!

SB RC 3ii

**Guest Appearance plus Concert Performance!!**

He’s got the touch! He’s got the power! YEAH!! Please welcome Emmy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and musician Stan Bush to Retro Con 2023!

Stan Bush is best known for his iconic song “The Touch”, heard prominently during Optimus Prime’s epic last stand in the classic 1986 animated film ‘Transformers: The Movie’! An anthem for Transformers fans around the world, The Touch has been used in several TF productions over the years, and also featured on ABC’s The Goldbergs, NBC’s Chuck, FOX’s American Dad, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Saints Row IV, Shadow Warrior 2, the movie Boogie Nights, and many more!

Stan also collaborated with Vince DiCola for the song “Dare”, another standout track from the Transformers movie. You can also hear Stan’s song “Hearts vs. Heads” in the turbocharged film The Wraith (1986), “Never Surrender” in the Jean-Claude Van Damme cult classic Kickboxer (1989), “Warrior” in the video game Shadow Warrior 2, “She’s Got the Power” in DiC Entertainment’s english dub of Sailor Moon, and his song “Capture the Dream” was used as the official anthem of the US Swim Team at the 1996 Summer Olympics!

Stan will be a featured guest at Retro Con both Saturday and Sunday, so stop by his table in the guest section to say hi. Bring along your copy of the Transformers movie soundtrack on LP, cassette, or CD to get signed!

And as teased earlier, Stan will be taking the stage with the Cybertronic Spree for our Saturday night concert!! Being held at ‘Arnold’s at the Factory’ in Oaks, Stan will be singing Dare and The Touch with the band as back-up, as well as one or two more surprises! This team-up has never happened before, so don’t miss this chance to witness history!! Concert tickets go on sale next month!

Stan Bush’s trip to Retro Con is being sponsored by the generous folks over at Tommy & the Order of Cosmic Champions! We thank them for coming to us with the idea of bringing Stan to the show, and for their part in helping make this amazing crossover event a reality! Please check out their website! It’s a book and a multimedia experience. Their soundtrack even includes a brand new song by Stan Bush himself!

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