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Order of Cosmic Champions Figure Giveaway!

OoCC Promo 1e

One of our 2022 sponsors is Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions, a retro-influenced novel releasing October 18th, and available for pre-order at places like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, and more!

And the makers of the novel are hosting a promotional ACTION FIGURE GIVEAWAY at Retro Con! We’ll have available ‘Fierce Phantos: Master of Illusion’ and ‘Mechani-Ghoul: Monstrous Mixture of Science & Sorcery’, opposing characters from the “story within the story” of the novel. Both figures will come on a thematic card and feature 5 points of articulation, with Fierce Phantos also including a hand blaster and removeable clear dome!

We’ll be giving these away *while supplies last*, one figure per attendee. We’ll be splitting them between the Preregistrant line and Walk-in line. Both lines will have both figures.

A big thanks to Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions for donating these to the show! Please check out their website at orderofcosmicchampions.com. They’ve got a teaser trailer, links to pre-order the novel, and all kinds of tie-in merch available (or soon to be available) for sale. Even an Order of Cosmic Champions branded “View-Master”! Now THAT’S retro!

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