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Retro Con 2021- Coming September 25th & 26th!


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Remember conventions?! We do, and we’re hoping to bring ours back to you in 2021!


Get ready for the *return* of Retro Con, scheduled for September 25th & 26th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA! Over 225 vendor tables of retro and retro-inspired collectibles on sale, including such toyline favorites as Transformers, GI Joe, Masters of the Universe, TMNT, ThunderCats, Star Wars, and MASK. You can also expect to find such memorabilia as video games, comic books, lunchboxes, diecast cars, dolls/plush, custom 2D/3D art, board games, and much more. If you’ve got the collector bug, our eclectic group of vendors are bound to have something for you!


Retro Con is more than just a toy show though! We also feature special guests, panels, contests, raffles, costumes, tv/movie cars and props, and video games. If retro geek stuff is your thing, we’re the perfect hangout for the day or weekend- all at an affordable price. Come for the toys… stay for the atmosphere!


Without getting too far into downer territory, we also wanted to acknowledge that we’re aware the continuing pandemic is still casting a shadow of uncertainty on the year. As much as we want to host a show in 2021, if it turns out the region is still not in a safe enough place to do so in September, we will do the sensible thing and cancel the event (with full refunds offered). But if things are looking up come summertime, we’ll be ready to help herald you back into the wonderful world of in-person conventions!


Keep watching our pages for future show updates. Thanks as always for your support, and for your patience while we were waiting for the right time to announce our show details!


Weekend show tickets can be purchased HERE!


Vendor Table Info can be found HERE!


CONTACT US Email (RECENTLY UPDATED!): screamers85@gmail.com

Find Us On Facebook: www.facebook.com/RetroCons

Our 2021 Facebook Event Page:



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