Guests for our 2015 show !

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John Moschitta, Jr.

 photo JohnMoscComp5_zps1fc7hadp.jpg

 “America’s Favorite Fast Talker,” John has recorded over 750 commercials, was featured in over a dozen movies, appeared on over 1,000 talk shows, and released two best-selling audio books. In the retro realm he is best known for being the “Micro Machines Man” in commercials for the popular Galoob toy line, as well as voicing Blurr on the G1 Transformers cartoon and movie!

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Voice Actor Michael McConnohie


 photo MichaelMcConnihieComp3.jpg

A veteran in the voice acting industry for over 30 years, notable roles of Michael include Tracks and Cosmos in G1 Transformers, The Lich King and Kel’Thuzad in World of Warcraft, and Kano and Ermac in recent installments of the Mortal Kombat series!

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Voice Actor Doug Stone

 photo DougStoneComp3.jpg

Doug Stone has been in the voice-over business for almost 35 years as an actor, writer, director, and producer. He is probably best known for playing Matt Trakker on the 80’s action cartoon M.A.S.K.. He also provided the voice for Psycho Mantis in the Metal Gear Solid series!

_ _ _

Voice Actor Larry Kenney

 photo LarryKcompNew.jpg

A veteran in the world of radio and voice acting for over 40 years, Larry is best known as voice of Lion-O, the heroic leader of the ThunderCats! Other notable characters he’s voiced include Bluegrass on SilverHawks, Cocoa Puffs Sonny, and Count Chocula. He can also be heard currently on the mega-popular commercials for Skittles!

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Author Mark Bellomo


 photo markbellomo1.jpg
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Horror Host Mr. Lobo


 photo MrLobo1.jpg

“They’re not bad movies- just misunderstood.”

Shrouded in mystique, this innovative producer and host has presided over the nationally syndicated late-night TV show CINEMA INSOMNIA for over 13 years. More recently, The show has found a new audience on connected television via ZOM-BEE TV.

_ _ _

Doug Walker

 photo Critic2.jpg

Doug Walker is known for his video reviews as ‘The Nostalgia Critic’. The show involves the title character looking back at movies and tv shows from the 80’s and 90’s, and pointing out why they may not be quite as classic as we remember them. You can check out his team’s work over at Channel Awesome!

_ _ _

James Rolfe


 photo AVGN2.jpg


James is best known for his hilarious reviews of classic video games as ‘The Angry Video Game Nerd’, which mix together insightful commentary, over-the-top language, physical comedy, and various theatrical elements. In addition he’s made videos reviewing retro movies, toys, board games, and more. Check out his team’s huge body of work over at!

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  1. mark
    May 13, 2015 at 5:43 pm

    any more voice actors?

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