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Zack Hoffman, voice of Zartan, to attend Retro Con 2014


We’re happy to announce the addition of Zack Hoffman to our guest list! Zack is best known for giving voice to master of disguise ‘Zartan’ on the original 1980’s GI Joe cartoon created by Marvel Sunbow Productions!

 photo zackzartan1.jpg

 photo zartan4.jpg

Zack portrayed the mysterious character in both original GI Joe mini series, both seasons of the syndicated cartoon, and in the feature-length GI Joe movie. Zartan’s unique characteristics included an eerie amplified voice, the uncanny skill to impersonate the appearance and voice of nearly anyone he’s met, and the ability to change his skin color to blend into the environment around him.


 photo Zaratan5.jpg

Zartan was also leader of the Dreadnoks, a mischievous but lovable group of mercenaries often contacted by Cobra Commander when a situation arose that warranted their destructive talents. As long as they were rewarded with money, gold, chocolate donuts & grape soda, they were a happy gang of bikers!

 photo zartan3.jpg

They were also once hired by Cobra to form a heavy metal band with the appropriate name ‘Cold Slither‘, fronted by lead singer Zartan!

 photo ManatArms.jpg

Zack has also recorded hundreds of commercials throughout a career spanning over 30 years in the industry. And adding to his geek cred, he portrayed Man-At-Arms in the 1987 Master of the Universe “Power Tour” stage show!


 photo ZackTuxedoMan.jpg

Most recently Zack has created his own One Man Show call Tuxedo Man, with another entitled The Last DJ coming soon! Check out his website to follow all his works past and present!


Zack will be on hand all weekend to sign autographs free of charge. We only request you limit your items signed to 2 or 3. We thank Zack immensely for agreeing to come out for the show!!

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