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Peter Newman returns for Retro Con 2014!

We have Larry Kenney coming back for our 2014 show, and now we are pleased to announce the return of another ThunderCats favorite:

Voice actor Peter Newman!

 photo PeterNewman1.jpg

 photo Tygra39.jpg

Peter is perhaps most remembered for giving voice and personality to the ThunderCats’ resident scientist and architect Tygra! Second in command of the ThunderCats team, Tygra was also the designer of many of the structures on Third Earth, including the Cat’s Lair and the Tower of Omens! His weapon of choice was a whip-like bolas, and he had the ability of limited invisibility as well as telepathy.


Peter also voiced other prominent characters on the show, including…

 photo WilykatSmall.jpg


 photo MonkianSmall.jpg


 photo BenGaliSmall.jpg

                                               and Ben Gali!


Peter also worked on another Rankin/Bass Productions favorite-



 photo QuickSmall.jpg

                      He voiced team leader Quicksilver

 photo mumbo-jumboSmall.jpg

                                              As well as Mon*Star’s evil muscleman Mumbo Jumbo!


Peter will be on hand all weekend for autographs and pictures, and we plan to have a panel featuring him as well as his other voice actor colleagues! Come out and relive the magic!

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