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Win a Custom Bill & Ted LEGO set at Retro Con!

 photo BillTed2.jpg

Some of you may remember our art contest last year, where we gave away a custom transforming Mr. T A-Team van to the person that drew up the funniest idea for what Mr. T was daydreaming about.

Well we’ve decided to put together another art contest for this year. The theme this time being…

 photo BillTedCast1.jpg

Bill and Ted! (Yes waaay!)

You probably remember the scene in the second movie where Bill and Ted play various games with the Grim Reaper for a chance to win their lives back.

 photo DeathBattleship.jpg

“A hit… you have sank my battle ship!”

 photo DeathClue2.jpg

“I believe Colonel Mustard did it in the study with the candlestick!”

 photo DeathFootball.jpg


Well we want to know what game YOU think Bill and Ted should be playing with Death!

Look for a specially-marked table at the show where you can find an official art sheet and drawing utensils, and then test your creativity! Draw up the craziest/coolest/funniest image you can think of and then place it in the entry box. There are no age restrictions, anyone can enter! Multiple entries are also permitted.

Even if you don’t fancy yourself an artist, maybe the idea of your drawing alone will win us over!  But you MUST use the specially-marked photocopies supplied at the show, no outside drawings will count. Feel free to think up ideas and practice at home, though!

We will run the contest over the course of both days at the show. We’ll go through the entries around 2:30pm on Sunday and select a winner. Don’t forget to print your name and e-mail address at the top! If the winner isn’t present at the time we do the judging, we will mail the prize to them after the show.

And now the grand prize!

 photo BillTed1.jpg

A custom made LEGO-style Bill and Ted figure and phone booth set, all styled after the first movie! The figures were created by the Retro Con crew, with the phone booth created by the talented folks over at GeeWunner! (base setting NOT included)

 photo IMG_6832.jpg

“Ted, let’s reach out and touch someone!”

The phone booth has an accurate opening door and comes complete with antenna and telephone!

 photo BillTed4.jpg

 photo Histor1.jpg

 photo Histor2.jpg

The set comes with all 8 “famous historical dudes” from the first movie! Napoleon (the short dead dude), Dave Beeth-Oven, Maxine of Arc, Herman the Kid, Bob “Genghis” Khan, So-crates Johnson, Dennis Freud, and uh…. Abraham Lincoln.

Also included are Bill, Ted, Rufus, and (just for the heck of it) the man with no tan himself: The Grim Reaper!

 photo IMG_6843.jpg

 photo BillTedExcellentPartyOn.jpg

Best of luck to all that enter!!

(Additional photography by @twitziller)

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