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Retro Con 2022- Coming September 24th & 25th!

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Get ready for the *10th Anniversary* of Retro Con! Retro Con 2022 is coming September 24th & 25th to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA!

A 54,000 square foot show floor with over 235 vendor tables of retro collectibles for sale, including such action figure favorites as Transformers, GI Joe, Masters of the Universe, TMNT, ThunderCats, Star Wars, and MASK. Also video games, comics, lunchboxes, diecast cars, model kits, custom 2D and 3D art, board games, trading cards, physical media, and much more. If you’re a collector, we’re the place to be!

Retro Con is more than just a toy show though… it’s an event! We also feature special guests, panels, contests, raffles, costumes, tv/movie cars, free-play video games, and an atmosphere all our own! If retro geek stuff is your thing, we’re the perfect hangout for the day or weekend- all at an affordable price.

Keep watching our pages for future show updates!






CONTACT US Email: screamers85@gmail.com

Find Us On Facebook: www.facebook.com/RetroCons

Our 2022 Facebook Event Page:



Our sponsor for this year is Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions, an upcoming novel and multimedia experience by Anthony Grate and Anthony Rapino! 


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