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Darth Bug at Retro Con!


We welcome the unique “Darth Bug” to Retro Con! Owned by Mike Buce, Darth Bug was hand-painted (*not* a vinyl wrap) by Kris Zeigler of Pottstown, PA, and is protected by a show-class clear coat. With Star Wars being extremely topical again with the upcoming sequels, we are pleased to see this car at the show!!

 photo DarthBug0052.jpg

 photo DarthBug0027.jpg

 photo DarthBug0001.jpg

 photo DarthBug0011.jpg

Look for Darth Bug in a reserved section of the front parking lot (weather-permitting)! There’s also a chance we will be able to work the car onto the main show floor. Our thanks to Mike Buce for contacting us and offering to bring his beautiful car to the show and talking shop with fellow Star Wars fans!


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