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Tabletop Gaming at Retro Con 2015!


We have console games, we have arcade games, and now Deal Me In Games will be running a selection of classic tabletop games at Retro Con!

 photo Store Sign Current.jpg

The tentative gaming schedule and entry fees are as follows:




10am – 12pm

 photo RockEmSockEm2.jpg

Rock’em Sock’em Robots – unlimited number of players. $5 entry fee

_ _ _

1pm – 3pm

 photo battleship-game.jpg

Battleship – limited to 8 players. $5 entry fee

_ _ _

3pm – 5pm

 photo clue.jpg

Clue – limited to 12 players. $5 entry fee

_ _ _


10am – 11am

 photo jenga.jpg

Jenga – Limited to 16 players. $3 entry fee

_ _ _

11am – 12pm

 photo chutes-and-ladders.jpg

Chutes & Ladders – Limited to 12 players. $5 entry fee (free for kids 10 and under)

_ _ _

1pm – 3pm

 photo yahtzee.jpg

Yahtzee – limited to 16 players. $3 entry fee.


**Prize list will be forthcoming, so stay tuned!!**


If you would like to preregister for any of the tabletop games, please contact Mike Smith at: mistertrek@aol.com

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