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Retro Con 2015 Highlights!


A look back at some of phenomenal sights around 2015! A big thanks to everyone that dressed up and helped add to the show this year!! Click the post title to see all the pictures!

Photos by Grenex Media, Christopher Wetherell’s Photography, Jason S Colflesh Photography, Knightmare6, Christopher Beaumont, Jennifer Pote, Bob Trate, Erica Schmidt, Mike Breaux, TJ Becker, Jack Doud, Matthew Kelly, Symbiote Collectibles, and Tom Kingsmill. Thanks!

 photo LionoTomKingsmill.jpg

 photo MingYogurtMikeBreaux.jpg

 photo Misfits.jpg

 photo MayhemDoug.jpg

 photo MazingaTomKingsmill.jpg

 photo LeiaBoothJenniferPote.jpg

 photo KITTJasonColflesh.jpg

 photo Guests1DougStone.jpg

 photo JemJasonColflesh.jpg

 photo C3PoR2MikeBreaux.jpg

 photo AVGNgbs.jpg

 photo 12033183_EricaSchmidt.jpg

 photo GigantorTomKIngsmill.jpg

 photo Leia.jpg

 photo PeterPhoneTJbecker.jpg

 photo 12032733Knightmare6.jpg

 photo 12030525_10153264972904022_3491903528398020439_o.jpg

 photo 12028629ChrisBeaumont.jpg

 photo 12017585ChrisWetherell.jpg

 photo 12017480ChrisWetherell.jpg

 photo GBposterpose.jpg

 photo 12010638ChrisWetherell.jpg

 photo 12029764ChrisWetherell.jpg

 photo 12010523Knightmare6.jpg

 photo 11149542SymbioteCollectibles.jpg

 photo 11958164_10153257881449022_6382714899242031908_o.jpg

 photo 01731BobTrate.jpg

 photo 01722BobTrate.jpg

 photo TuskenPhoneJasonColflesh.jpg

 photo SpaceballsMikeBreaux.jpg

 photo SkullOneMikeBreaux.jpg

 photo TardisCatTomKingsmill.jpg

 photo TuskenHoff1JasonColflesh.jpg

 photo 12000894ChrisWetherell.jpg

 photo IMG_2584.jpg

 photo SBdisplay1.jpg

 photo 4588MatthewKelly.jpg

 photo Auction1.jpg

 photo WendyMouse.jpg

 photo ProtonDMCjackdoud.jpg

 photo SBampflamethrower.jpg

 photo 01712BobTrate.jpg

 photo DarthSchwartz.jpg

And a 2015 Cosplay Montage video made by Bestow Productions!

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