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Bill & Ted Phone Booth at Retro Con 2016!

 “Strange things are afoot at the Retro Con…”

Our Bill & Ted phone booth will be back on the show floor this year! This is a FREE feature at the show, so please stop by and take a picture with it! You never know what characters might show up!!

 photo BillTedCircleK.png

 photo BillTedRufus.jpg

 photo BTantenna.png

 photo BTbooth1.jpg

 photo BTbooth2.jpg

 photo LeiaBoothJenniferPote.jpg

 photo 12033183_EricaSchmidt.jpg

 photo 12028629ChrisBeaumont.jpg

 photo TuskenPhoneJasonColflesh.jpg

 photo PeterPhoneTJbecker.jpg

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