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Win Free Stuff at the Retro Con 2019 Trivia Contest!


Show off your knowledge of retro and win cool prizes at Retro Con’s annual trivia contest!

Hosted once again by our good friend Mike Breaux of  The Breaux Show, the contest will be held in the panel area at the convention on Saturday! (Time To Be Determined)

No sign-up is required and there are no age restrictions- Anyone can watch or play! We will reveal each item one at a time, then ask a trivia question related to it. Directly after we will randomly call on a person in the audience with their hand raised to answer. If they get it right, they win the prize on the spot. If not, we ask a different audience member until the prize is claimed!

Prizes include such items at Funko POPs, Transformers, Star Wars figures, geeky plushes, diecast cars and ships, LEGO sets, miniature arcade games, and much more!




So stop by the panel area Saturday to test your knowledge of all things geek and win cool prizes!!

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