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Get your Photo with Jurassic Park JP18 at Retro Con 2021!

Retro Con may not have a T-rex (yet), but we’re happy to have Jurassic Adventures’ JP18 back on the show floor for Retro Con 2021!

Made from a Jeep Wrangler, this replica has been accurately customized and augmented to resemble the staff vehicles used in the original Jurassic Park movie (and in a callback scene from Jurassic World). Look for it in the car section on the show floor, where the owners will have a themed backdrop and “jungle” set. For a small fee, attendees can get their photo taken with the set, complete with JP-related props for them to hold and interact with. A photo op 65 Million Years in the Making!

A big thanks to jeep owners Frank Bedo and Monica Tulay for bringing their replica to the show! Monica plans to bring some of her fantastic retro-themed costumes to the show, so be sure to visit her table right next to JP 18!!

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