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Meet Terry Kiser at Retro Con 2021!

Terry Kiser Comp 5ll

“Bernie may be dead, but he’s still the life of the party!”

Please welcome actor Terry Kiser to Retro Con 2021!

A diverse character actor of over 50 years, Terry is best known for playing rubbed out insurance exec Bernie Lomax in the 80’s screwball comedy classic ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’! Usually an actor’s role ends when their character dies in a movie, but in the case of Bernie, he led a very active deathstyle! If you can watch this movie and not laugh at the antics of Bernie as he’s helplessly dragged across land and sea, you just might be dead on the inside…

Terry would reprise his title role in the 1993 sequel ‘Weekend at Bernie’s II’, this time with 100% more voodoo! Though it didn’t make the splash the original did, it did give birth to the “Bernie Dance” craze, where hundreds of different youtubers filmed their own rendition of the voodoo dance. No, seriously. Look it up.

Though widely known for comedy, Terry also played the sinister role of Dr. Crews in ‘Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood’, where he ended up as the 67th victim of Jason Voorhees. Deceitful and manipulative, “Bad News Crews” is often considered to be the most evil character in the entire franchise, which is saying a lot!

Terry also had the recurring role of nosy reporter Al Craven on Night Court, and played H.G. Wells in two episodes of Lois & Clark. He’s also had appearances on such popular shows of the 70’s & 80’s as Three’s Company, Knight Rider, WKRP In Cincinnati, Diff’rent Strokes, Hill Street Blues, and many more.

Terry Kiser will be at Retro Con both Saturday and Sunday, so come out and meet him! He’ll have the Bernie glasses in tow!











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