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Thank You From Retro Con!

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Has it already been a week since Retro Con?? Guess time flies when you’ve been in extended hibernation…
Well… I think it’s safe to say we’re back! We’d be lying if we said we didn’t have doubts the show would happen this year. Things were looking promising by the middle of the year, only to have a rollercoaster ride of a summer. And even when state and county guidance allowed us to have a September show, we weren’t sure if anyone would actually *attend* the show. But when we started to see ticket orders roll in, many by familiar names from years past, it was a very emotional moment for us.
After tallying up, we not only had a show… we had a record-attendance show! It was so great to see people come out to the show to shop, socialize, dress in costume, meet the guests, attend the panels, and simply have FUN again! Though we were a bit rusty after a two year break, it all came back to us pretty quick.
We’d like to thank everyone that supported the show by purchasing a ticket online or at the door, all our sweet and friendly guests for 2021, everyone that helped add to the show’s atmosphere by dressing in costume, the press outlets that covered the show, the car owners and the costume groups on the show floor, the Cybertronic Spree for cutting through a ton of red tape in order to rock our after-party, Moonbase and Pop Media USA for all our printed materials, everyone that donated items to our show raffle, the Game is Afoot Arcade (and arcade sponsor RetroDaze), our A/V tech for the year Tom Dalton, Celebworx, Clover Talent Booking, Full Empire Promotions, and the Greater Philly Expo Center for having us!
We’d also like to thank our vendors. One, for bringing the much needed shopping element to the show. And also, because many of them were a huge assist in promoting on our behalf at shows and places we couldn’t get to this year, and for giving us a much needed morale boost when we were having doubts.
And as always, our biggest thanks go out to our staff and volunteers for the year! Seeing that empty hall upon arrival at the expo center can be a very unnerving feeling for us. But the calmness, enthusiasm, and spirit of our staff and volunteers literally gives us the strength to carry on. We try to verbalize how much they mean to us and the existence of the show, but it will never be enough.
Our staff for the year were Denise Albright, Nick Govosdian, Nagi Oki, Nate Kiphorn, Jack Doud, TJ Becker, Anthony Kyzer, Mike Breaux, Kevin Jones, Trick Treat, Dean Plakas, Tim Plakas, Greg Hammaker, Matt March, Brandon Wassmer, Kyle Williamson, Joe Fiore, Wayne Kline, Candice Santora, Rob Brand, Nancy Squartino, Allie Squartino, Logan Moran, Mike Townsend, Zach Townsend, Jemal Taylor, Stephen Wang, and Renée Devlin. Thank you for everything.
Retro Con 2021 signing off!
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