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Thanks From Retro Con!

RC Thank You 1e

It’s been two weeks since Retro Con 2022, so I guess we’re overdue for a post show wrap-up!

First off, we wanted to say we’re sorry to anyone caught up in MEGA LINE early on Saturday. We hadn’t expected such a large crowd so early on, and we were ill-prepared for it. We thank you for your patience though, and for not judging us too harshly. If we keep going with the show and are fortunate to have a crowd like this again, we already have ideas in mind on how to improve our system and get people onto the floor faster (both at the door and Pre-Reg). A big shout-out to our Star Wars friends at Garrison Carida for going outside to entertain the crowd while we got our [wits] together!

Overall though, Retro Con’s 10th anniversary show was a smashing success! We had our largest attendance ever, and we really felt the energy and enthusiasm throughout the hall this year. The vendors were hopping, costumes were back in full effect, and the panels and contests were all widely attended. We were happy to see new faces at the show in addition to longtime supporters. Even though we attract people of all ages, we like to think everyone gels together very well at Retro Con. That’s the difference a “grassroots” show can make.

We’d like to thank everyone that supported the show by purchasing a ticket, all our super-friendly guests for the year, anyone that came to the show dressed in costume, all the awesome car owners and the costume groups, the Cybertronic Spree band for rocking the place, our A/V tech for the year Tom Dalton, the Game is Afoot Arcade, the various agencies that helped with our guest list, sponsors Cool 98.5 FM and Tommy & The Order of Cosmic Champions, Arnold’s Family Fun Center, and the Greater Philly Expo Center for having us!

And as always, our biggest shout-out goes out to our staff and volunteers, the true backbone of the show! When things go “off script”, we’re not always sure how to respond. But our friends at the show always bring a fresh set of eyes to the situation, and offer solutions we never would have thought of. Their help is immeasurable and indispensable.

Our staff and volunteers for 2022 included Denise Albright, Mike Breaux, Kevin Jones, Nagi Oki, Nate Kiphorn, Nick Govosdian, Jack Doud, TJ Becker, Jim Cannon, Anthony Kyzer, Trick Treat, Dean Plakus, Tim Plakus, Greg Hammaker, Matt March, Courtney March, Kyle Williamson, Brandon Wassmer, Joe Fiore, Wayne Kline, Candice Santora, Rob Brand, Nancy Squartino, Allie Squartino, Logan Moran, Mike Townsend, Zach Townsend, Stephen Wang, Renee Devlin, Connie Smeriglio, Linda Marquis, Nikki Ashley, Amanda Parker, Rachel Coppersmith, Paul Sutt, and Jamie Sutt. Sincerely, thank you for everything.

Retro Con signing off!!

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