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Meet Flash Gordon himself, Sam J. Jones, at Retro Con 2023!

“What do you mean ‘Flash Gordon approaching’… ?”

He’s a miracle, king of the impossible, and he’s coming to Oaks, Pennsylvania this September! We’re excited to announce Sam J. Jones will be joining our guest list for Retro Con 2023!!

Sam Jones Comp 5kkkk

Sam is of course best known for playing the title role in the awesomely over-the-top 80’s sci-fi classic Flash Gordon! While the movie failed to make a big splash at the box office in its original run, it has since gone on to celebrated cult status with its campy tone, eccentric characters, flamboyant costumes and sets, not to mention an immersive and hard-pumping soundtrack by legendary rock group Queen! This is one of those movies the Retro Con household can never pass up when it’s on!

In the years following Flash Gordon, Sam also starred in the Glen A. Larson sci-fi series ‘The Highwayman’ (remember Jacko?), The Spirit (1987), and played bounty hunter Aris Boch on Stargate SG-1. Sam also had notable appearances as a spoofed version of himself in the offbeat ‘Ted’ movies! “We are gonna party like the 80’s.”

Sam was even the subject of his very own documentary called “Life After Flash” in 2017! Partly chronicling the making of and staying power of the Flash Gordon movie, the doc mainly focuses on Sam’s life during the film’s production, and his struggles and successes in the decades that followed.

Sam Jones will be at the show all weekend, so stop by his table in guest row for autographs and photo ops! He’ll also be taking part in a Q&A at the show. Be sure to thank him for saving every one of us!

Sam J. Jones Montage

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