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Voice of Matt Trakker, Doug Stone, to appear at Retro Con 2015!


 “Personnel approved! Assemble Mobile Armored Strike Kommand!”

This September will mark the 30th anniversary of the M.A.S.K. cartoon and toy line, and we are pleased to announce MASK voice actor Doug Stone as guest for our 2015 show!

 photo DougStone2.jpg

Doug has been in the voice-over business for almost 35 years as an actor, writer, director, producer, and more. He has done voice work in over 1,500 projects, ranging from video games to TV shows and films, original animation, anime, commercials, etc. He has running characters in such anime as Dynasty Warriors, Blaze Blue, Kill La Kill, and recently co-starred in the original animated film, “The Magic House.”

   photo MASKmatt3.jpg

But his most prolific role is that of stalwart leader Matt Trakker from the classic 80’s cartoon series M.A.S.K.! Trakker piloted the flying gull-wing Camaro known as the ‘Thunderhawk’, and his Spectrum mask had a seemingly endless array of abilities.
   photo MASKad.jpg


MASK stood for Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. It was a secret task force that used specialized masks and transforming vehicles to suppress a criminal organization known as VENOM (Vicious Evil Network Of Mayhem). It was an imaginative, wholesome, and fun action cartoon by DiC Studios, as well as a slick toy line by Kenner!


 photo MASKDougStoneCharactersResize.jpg


But Doug not only voiced Matt Trakker on the show- In total he voiced 8 characters on the series! Team leader Matt Trakker, the sage-like Bruce Sato,  high-spirited Dusty Hayes, tactical strategist Hondo MacLean, comrade Boris Bushkin, ill-tempered punk Bruno Shepperd, geeky sycophant Nash Gorey, and Miles Mayhem’s weak-willed twin brother Maximus Mayhem!


 photo specialisttrakker.jpg


In 2008 Matt Trakker also turned up as “Specialist Trakker” in the Hasbro GI Joe figure line! It was a one-off appearance of a MASK character, but could a full revival of the series and toyline be in the cards for someday?


 photo PsychoMantisGroup.jpg


You may also know Doug as the voice of fan-favorite boss character ‘Psycho Mantis’ in Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 4!


Doug will be on hand all weekend to sign for fans free of charge! We politely request that attendees limit free signatures to 1 or 2 pieces. This will be Doug’s first convention ever, so come on out to the show and give him a warm Retro Con welcome!!

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