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Retro T-shirt Contest at Retro Con 2022!

RC tshirt 2022 6n

Let those geek tees shine! Retro Con’s very own Retro T-shirt Contest makes its triumphant return for 2022!

A longstanding tradition at fan gatherings is attendees wearing t-shirts expressing their favorite characters and brands. We’ve turned this trend into a unique contest to win free stuff! The Retro Con T-shirt contest will be held in the panel area mid-day on Saturday, and WE want to see YOUR Saturday best! Your t-shirt can be vintage, new, or custom made. As long as it’s retro-related (mid-90s and back), you’re welcome to enter!

Prizes this year include a reissue G1 Soundwave and Blaster figure set for 1st Place, a reissue Turtle Van and Ecto-1 vehicle set for 2nd Place, and a Legend of Zelda Game & Watch handheld for 3rd Place! We’ll have some “Honorable Mention” prizes as well.

**Contest Rules**

1: No water will be involved. ;P

2. The contest is open to anyone at Retro Con wearing a t-shirt with a retro-oriented logo or print on it (mid-90’s properties or older). Examples include: movies, cartoons, comics, tv shows, toy lines, company logos, mascots, music bands, and more!

3. There are no sign-ups needed. Interested contestant can line up outside of the panel area prior to the contest start time. (Start time to be determined soon!)

4. T-Shirts can be vintage, new, or custom-made. But bonus points will be given to t-shirts that are vintage or custom!

5. Only actual t-shirts can be entered. Sorry, sweatshirts, jackets, snuggies, jerseys, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, etc., will NOT be allowed.

6. The Retro Con t-shirt contest is a family-friendly event! Tees with overly sexual imagery or crude language will not be allowed.

7. We’ll allow a small group to enter as one contestant if they have t-shirts associated with each other.

8. The contest will be slated for about 30 minutes. Hosts will ask questions to the contestants on-hand, after which they will pick approximately 10 entrants to be finalists.

9. After our Finalists are picked, they will be asked to go to the front of the Panel area. An additional round of questions, along with some audience participation, will determine our 3 winners!

A big thanks as always to our good friend Mike from the Breaux Show for hosting this contest!

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