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The Karaoke Contest Returns for Retro Con 2022!

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Back by popular demand! We proudly reinstate the Retro Con karaoke contest for 2022!

When we decided to quietly exclude the karaoke contest from our 2021 show, we had no idea how much it would be missed! We had so many folks asking where it was/went. Not just past contestants and audience members, but even vendors that just enjoyed hearing the contest going on from their tables. So we went groveling back to our friend Nagi Oki to host the contest once again, and she graciously accepted! 😉

‘We’re Back! A Retro Con Karaoke Contest’ will be held on early Sunday afternoon at the show, tentative start time 1pm. We’ll have a wide variety of 80’s (and some early 90’s) song classics to choose from. Most will have on-screen lyrics to follow along with, but we will also be supplementing these with a few geek-related favorites that will have a *lyrics sheet only*. Consider these “extra credit” choices!

Since contestant space is limited and we need time to get the playlist ready, sign-ups will be required! Listen for an announcement over the PA system around 11:15am Sunday to let you know sign-ups are starting. If interest is high, we might have to go with a “lottery” system to pick our 15 contestants.

First Prize this year is a brand new (transformable!) LEGO Icons Optimus Prime set, a $170 retail value! We have other great prizes lined as well, such as a Figuarts Deadpool figure for 2nd Place, and Super7 Ultimates Lion-O figure for 3rd Place!

We’ll handle the retro, you bring the rock!


The contest rules are as follows:

#1. No staff or volunteers may enter.
#2. Singing in costume is allowed, but will not affect the judges’ scoring.
#3. No skits are allowed. Dancing in place however is just fine (and encouraged).
#4. Songs will be picked on a first-come, first-served basis. Songs will not be held for specific contestants. Also, outside songs will not be allowed.
#5. No instruments will be allowed.
#6. All contestants must arrive at the panel/event room *15 minutes* prior to showtime for check-in and singing order assignment. If you are not present at this time, you may have to forfeit your place.
#7. Please no heckling from the audience or other contestants. Anyone found to be disorderly will be asked to leave the panel area.

#8. You MUST rock.

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