See a Screen-Used KITT at Retro Con 2022!

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KRH 3bb

This September marks the 40th Anniversary of the classic 80’s action series Knight Rider, and the Knight Rider Historians youtube channel will be making a “shadowy flight” to Retro Con to help us celebrate in style… and bringing a screen-used KITT with them!

The team at Knight Rider Historians are dedicated to promoting the legacy of Knight Rider every way possible. From interviews with cast and crew, to episode commentaries, to unraveling show mysteries, to tracking down and preserving screen-used props from the series. In fact, they possess the world’s largest collection of Knight Rider props!

KRH’s front man Joe will be joining us at Retro Con, and bringing along a screen-used KITT! This piece of tv history was used for stunts in seasons 3 & 4 of the show. While roughly 25 KITTs were used in the creation of the series, only 5 are known to remain. This is one of those surviving cars, saved from a terrible junkyard fate and restored to its former glory. In recent years, this KITT has been seen on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, and was even reunited with The Hoff himself on Good Morning America in 2019!

Knight Rider Historians and KITT will be at the show all weekend, and photo ops with the car will be available for a fee. Now’s your chance to be Michael Knight!




KR40 1dd

Follow the Knight Rider Historians Online!

Main Website:



Retro Con 2022 Weekend Tickets Now Available!

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RC22 Tickets 2hh


Weekend tickets for Retro Con 2022 are now available for purchase!

Retro Con keeps it simple. If you can only come to the show on Saturday or Sunday, you can buy your ticket right at the door. Kids 12 and under get in for free with paying adult.

If you would like a weekend ticket however, they can be purchased in advance at the link below. A weekend ticket gets you a slick Retro Con attendee badge with lanyard, raffle tickets for Saturday and Sunday, and an acrylic Retro Con “Ten Year Anniversary” pin! Also, we start checking in weekend ticket holders at 9am on Saturday, an hour before General Admission begins. So consider this your “Earlybird” pass!

Can you buy a weekend ticket even if you only plan to attend the show one day? Absolutely! Many people buy the weekend pass simply for the swag, and for the option to get into the show early on Saturday.

Buy your Retro Con 2022 Weekend tickets here:


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Meet Venus Terzo at Retro Con 2022!

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Venus Terzo Comp 2h

Please welcome actor Venus Terzo to Retro Con 2022!

Venus is known for voicing such popular characters as Blackarachnia on Beast Wars, and female-type Ranma on the english dub of Ranma 1/2! She also played Princess Lana on Captain N: The Game Master, Jean Grey on X-Men Evolution, B-ko in the Project A-ko series, Wedy on Death Note, and numerous other roles in the world of anime and western animation.

Venus is an onscreen actor as well! You can catch her in Stephen King’s It (1990), Sliders, Stargate SG-1, Andromeda, the Dead Zone, Psych, Supernatural, Skyscraper, and most recently in the recurring role of Dr. Elisa Schwartz on CW’s Arrow!

Come meet her at the show this September!

Retro Con 2022- Coming September 24th & 25th!

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RC2022 square 1ee

Fresh GFX Background Desktop High Quality Resolutions

Fresh GFX Background Desktop High Quality Resolutions


On an unassuming day in November of 2012, the first ever “Retro Con” was held in Oaks, Pennsylvania. Oaks has expanded quite a bit since that day, and what started out as a “Let’s get this out of our system” experiment for us, has grown into a show we’re really proud of.

So get ready, because this year marks the *10th Anniversary* of Retro Con! Retro Con 2022 is coming September 24th & 25th to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA!

A 54,000 square foot show floor with over 225 vendor tables of retro collectibles for sale, including such action figure favorites as Transformers, GI Joe, Masters of the Universe, TMNT, ThunderCats, Star Wars, and MASK. Also video games, comics, lunchboxes, diecast cars, model kits, custom 2D and 3D art, board games, trading cards, physical media, and much more. If you’re a collector, we’re the place to be!

Retro Con is more than just a toy show though… it’s an event! We also feature special guests, panels, contests, raffles, costumes, tv/movie cars, free-play video games, and an atmosphere all our own! If retro geek stuff is your thing, we’re the perfect hangout for the day or weekend- all at an affordable price.

Keep watching our pages for future show updates!


Show tickets can be purchased HERE!


Vendor Table Info can be found HERE!



Find Us On Facebook:

Our 2022 Facebook Event Page:


Our sponsor for this year is Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions, an upcoming novel and multimedia experience by Anthony Grate and Anthony Rapino! 


Standee Promo Poster Version Smaller


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Thank You From Retro Con!

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Fresh GFX Background Desktop High Quality Resolutions

Has it already been a week since Retro Con?? Guess time flies when you’ve been in extended hibernation…
Well… I think it’s safe to say we’re back! We’d be lying if we said we didn’t have doubts the show would happen this year. Things were looking promising by the middle of the year, only to have a rollercoaster ride of a summer. And even when state and county guidance allowed us to have a September show, we weren’t sure if anyone would actually *attend* the show. But when we started to see ticket orders roll in, many by familiar names from years past, it was a very emotional moment for us.
After tallying up, we not only had a show… we had a record-attendance show! It was so great to see people come out to the show to shop, socialize, dress in costume, meet the guests, attend the panels, and simply have FUN again! Though we were a bit rusty after a two year break, it all came back to us pretty quick.
We’d like to thank everyone that supported the show by purchasing a ticket online or at the door, all our sweet and friendly guests for 2021, everyone that helped add to the show’s atmosphere by dressing in costume, the press outlets that covered the show, the car owners and the costume groups on the show floor, the Cybertronic Spree for cutting through a ton of red tape in order to rock our after-party, Moonbase and Pop Media USA for all our printed materials, everyone that donated items to our show raffle, the Game is Afoot Arcade (and arcade sponsor RetroDaze), our A/V tech for the year Tom Dalton, Celebworx, Clover Talent Booking, Full Empire Promotions, and the Greater Philly Expo Center for having us!
We’d also like to thank our vendors. One, for bringing the much needed shopping element to the show. And also, because many of them were a huge assist in promoting on our behalf at shows and places we couldn’t get to this year, and for giving us a much needed morale boost when we were having doubts.
And as always, our biggest thanks go out to our staff and volunteers for the year! Seeing that empty hall upon arrival at the expo center can be a very unnerving feeling for us. But the calmness, enthusiasm, and spirit of our staff and volunteers literally gives us the strength to carry on. We try to verbalize how much they mean to us and the existence of the show, but it will never be enough.
Our staff for the year were Denise Albright, Nick Govosdian, Nagi Oki, Nate Kiphorn, Jack Doud, TJ Becker, Anthony Kyzer, Mike Breaux, Kevin Jones, Trick Treat, Dean Plakas, Tim Plakas, Greg Hammaker, Matt March, Brandon Wassmer, Kyle Williamson, Joe Fiore, Wayne Kline, Candice Santora, Rob Brand, Nancy Squartino, Allie Squartino, Logan Moran, Mike Townsend, Zach Townsend, Jemal Taylor, Stephen Wang, and Renée Devlin. Thank you for everything.
Retro Con 2021 signing off!
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Retro Con 2021 Show Schedule!

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RC 21 Show Schedule 1a

FB cover chars 2l

Saturday September 25th

9:00am: Preregistrant Check-in Begins/Show Open to Preregistrants

10:00am: Show Opens to General Public

11:45am: The Retro Con Retro T-Shirt Contest, hosted by The Breaux Show!

12:15pm: Panel at Bernie’s: A Q&A with actor Terry Kiser! Hosted by Mr. Lobo! (Panel Area)

1:00pm: Raffle Session 1  

– Transformers Ectomobile and DeLorean set
– MOTU Origins Castle Grayskull
– Boba Fett Figure and Ship set

1:30pm:  Costume Contest, 14 and Older! Hosted by Eric “The Smoke” Moran (Panel Area)

2:30pm: Panel- It’s Over 9000!!! Q&A with Voice Actor Ian James Corlett  (Panel Area)

3:15pm: Panel- Space Ghost Coast To Coast! Q&A with Voice Actor George Lowe, hosted by Fandom Spotlite! (Panel Area)

4:00: Panel- Cinema Insomnia’s 20th Anniversary Celebration with Mr. Lobo! (Panel Area)

4:45pm: Raffle Session #2

– GI Joe Classified Snake Eyes w/ Timber set
– NECA TMNT Tokka & Rahzar figure set
– Transformers War For Cybertron Autobot Ark set

5:30pm: Show Closes


Sunday September 26th

9:00am: Show Opens

11:30am:  The Retro Con Trivia Contest, hosted by The Breaux Show! (Panel Area)

12:15pm: Raffle Session #1

– Animatronic Grogu/Figuarts Pac-Man
– Super7 Godzilla/McFarlane Batmobile
– Transformers Generations Devastator set

12:35pm: Kids Costume Contest, 13 and under! Hosted by Eric “The Smoke” Moran (Panel Area)

1:15pm: Panel- The Greatest American Hero 40th Anniversary with William Katt! Hosted by Fandom Spotlite!  (Panel Area)

2:00pm: Panel- From Bumblebee to Spider-Man! A Q&A with Dan Gilvezan! Hosted by Fandom Spotlite!

3:00pm: Raffle Session #2

– Kenner Ghostbusters Ectomobile/Figures reissue set
– NECA TMNT Turtles in Disguise 4-pack
– Transformers War For Cybertron Scorponok

4:00pm: Show Closes

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Meet Mr. Lobo at Retro Con 2021!

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RC Lobo 1b

MR. LOBO’s CINEMA INSOMNIA–a late-night cult TV sensation for “20 or So” years–is now on ROKU channel OSI 74, Twitch, YouTube and has over 22 episodes available on Alpha Video DVD.

Host of Blobfest at the Colonial Theatre for 9 Years and producer and curator of many Creature Features tributes and live Spook Shows. He has appeared in many Mystery Science Theater 3000 box sets and nostalgic documentaries-like American Scary, Monsters Among Us, and Virginia Creepers. He played the Amazing Criswell in PLAN 9 (2016), a remake of Ed Wood’s Plan Nine From Outer Space (1959). A regular guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and Cinemassacre with James Rolfe (the Angry Video Game Nerd)!

He worked on the retro horror flick The Ranger for Shudder network. He was even spoofed on Scooby Doo Mystery Inc., and attacked by wrestler Chris Jericho on TMZ. He will be seen in the upcoming horror film Feeders 3. Mr. Lobo lords over slumber party movie fun with his patented blend of humor & satire and claims “They’re Not Bad Movies–Just Misunderstood”.

*Catch Mr. Lobo’s panel at 4:00pm on Saturday!!*

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Retro Con T-Shirts and Merch!

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Want to show up to Retro Con in style? We have T-Shirts and more for available for sale through Teespring! Click the picture below to check out what we have available for sale!

RC Tees 5a

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Win Free Stuff at the Retro Con 2021 Trivia Contest!

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It’s trivia, but not trivial! It’s the return of Retro Con’s (usually) annual Trivia Contest, hosted by The Breaux Show!

Trivia Contest 2b

Happening Sunday at the show, we’ve got a comprehensive (read: random) mix of stuff to give away. Plushes, LEGO, Hot Wheels, mini arcade games, comics, Funko Pops, action figures, and a whole lot more! *Milk for the Ghostbusters Afterlife cereal not included.

No sign-ups are required, simply be at the panel area around start time. We’ll reveal each item one at a time, then ask a trivia question related to it. Directly after we’ll randomly call on a person in the audience with their hand raised to answer. If they get it right, they win the prize on the spot. If not, we ask a different audience member until the prize is claimed. It’s a snap!

The contest is tentatively set for 11:30am on Sunday. Come out and show off your geek credentials!





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Retro Con’s Retro T-shirt Contest!

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RC tshirt test 4l

You’re going to wear a geeky shirt to the show anyway… might as well win something for it! Retro Con’s Retro T-shirt contest will be BACK for 2021!

A longstanding tradition at fan gatherings is attendees wearing t-shirts expressing their favorite characters and brands. Retro Con has turned this trend into a unique contest to win free stuff! Hosted once again by The Breaux Show, the Retro Con T-shirt contest will be held in the panel area midday on Saturday, and we want to see your Saturday best! Your t-shirt can be vintage, new, or custom made. As long as it’s retro-related, you’re welcome to enter!

Prizes this year include…

1st Place: A brand new Transformers Kingdom Rodimus Prime figure! An $85 value!

2nd Place: A brand new Turbo Man reissue figure from Funko! “Put that cookie down! NOW!”

3rd Place: A new LEGO Batmobile set! In their infinite wisdom, Lego decided this set didn’t need a Robin figure. So we’re adding one in ourselves!

We’ll have some “Honorable Mention” prizes as well.

**Contest Rules**

1: No water will be involved. ;P

2. The contest is open to anyone at Retro Con wearing a t-shirt with a retro-oriented logo or print on it (mid-90’s properties or older). Examples include: movies, cartoons, comics, tv shows, toy lines, company logos, mascots, music bands, and more!

3. There are no sign-ups needed. Interested contestant can line up outside of the panel area prior to the contest start time. (Start time to be determined soon!)

4. T-Shirts can be vintage, new, or custom-made. But bonus points will be given to t-shirts that are vintage or custom!

5. Only actual t-shirts can be entered.  Sorry, sweatshirts, jackets, snuggies, jerseys, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, etc., will NOT be allowed.

6. The Retro Con t-shirt contest is a family-friendly event! Tees with overly sexual imagery or crude language will not be allowed. We must also insist that your t-shirt be reasonably sized to your body type.  

7. We’ll allow a small group to enter as one contestant if they have t-shirts associated with each other.

8. The contest will be slated for about 30 minutes. Hosts will ask questions to the contestants on-hand, after which they will pick approximately 10 entrants to be finalists.

9. After our Finalists are picked, they will be asked to go to the front of the Panel area. An additional round of questions, along with some audience participation, will determine our 3 winners!

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